iPhone’s Three New Apps Designed to Entertain

iPhone's Three New Apps Designed to Entertain

The iPhone has been one of the most desired mobile systems since the time we saw its launch in the market by Apple Inc. The various versions of the iPhone have been good upgrades to its earlier versions. Adding to its fame and popularity are the innumerable iPhone/iOS applications showing up almost every day.

These have created a craze among its users making them inseparable, leaving them asking for more exciting, interesting and useful apps for their coveted iPhones.

As Apple has always been mentioning that there is an application (app) for everything, we have today tried an attempt to throw light on three among the hundreds of available iPhone apps namely Roamz, Mynd and Dimsong in this post. Let us see what they have in store for you and your iPhone.

iPhone’s New  Entertainment Apps


It is a location based application exclusively released for iPhone users this week. It works to guide you through what’s happening around you. It looks into your social media details and grabs information based on your needs of the application. This application extracts information from social sites like Facebook, Foursqaure, Twitter and many more.

In Roamz’ own words, they consider it as a personal tour guide helping you out on what’s happening near your place. It caters you the details of the most happening events, occurrences and popular places in and around to guide you through if you at a new city. You can also share your interested events to your friends through this app and guess what, it can yours at free of cost.


Mynd, created by Liquify Digital Inc., among the hundreds and thousands of iPhone apps, comes to your rescue as a curator to help you find the right games, books, music and film applications for your iPhone. Given the fact that iOS has too many applications to its credit, you will certainly find it tough to install the right apps for your iPhone according to your interest.

It lets you find, rate and share your entertainment apps being your entertainment curator. In short, it thinks itself on your behalf. Life with your iPhone becomes easy with this app, rightly named Mynd (reads your mind and finds you what you want). Icing on the cake is this app too is free of cost.


Dimsong is an app by Venlabs, LLC which allows you to customize music your own way by interacting with music. You can customize music to remixes based on the input you provide, movements you give and according to your surroundings. It is free to download in the iTunes app store.

The most important thing about this app is its coolness quotient. This app reacts and adapts according to the input you give. It alters the music accordingly if you are dancing or if you are working out. The meter at the center of the screen app changes when it is exposed to light, thus depending on the intensity of the light helps to alter the song either to a dim song or to be an energetic one.

These three new iPhone apps are designed to satisfy your entertainment needs on the go.

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  1. I am planning to buy iPhone for christmas and Im definitely will be trying these apps. Thanks for sharing Jane 😀 ..I will be checking them now 😀

  2. Many iphone users find applications useful for their business or own personal needs. It seems like we have new apps that we could add in our list. I personally like Dimsong since I absolutely enjoy music. I will have this one for myself and will also recommend this to others if it functions great.

  3. Dimsong is great. Thinking to buy iPhone 4s but so costly. Anyways thanks so much for sharing this awesome review and tips. have a great day ((Hugs))

  4. Jane i am reading your blog for 2 days and i want to get traffic just like your site. Can you give me tips on my tattoo-celebrity.blogspot.com blog? Any how much i got traffic on this type of tattoo blog. please reply. i am waiting…..

  5. I just bought iPhone in this new year so I was looking for applications and you have shared apps about them I didn’t hear before.

  6. The thing that makes the iPhone more incredible and awesome are the apps. Dimsong in particular is very entertaining. Being able to personalize a song according to how I like it to be played is awesome.

  7. iPhone is the revolution in the technology advancements. Its apps makes you feel as if you are experiencing the entire world by your fingers.


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