Tips to get your Podcast on iTunes

Tips to get your Podcast on iTunes

iTunes contains a great wealth of multimedia content for those who are looking for music and videos that they can consume on their free time. What most people and business do not understand is that they can use this platform to promote their own brands.

With the help of well-crafted podcasts, individuals, groups, and businesses can create their own following and build their own fan bases. If you are interested in getting your podcasts on iTunes and if you want to ensure that your feed will be able to attract the right groups of people, then look through the following guidelines.

These tips will not only teach you the how-to’s of putting your content in iTunes. They will also help you get seen and heard by your target audience.

Create your Podcast

There are different tools that you can use in order to create your podcasts. After cooking up the right content that will attract and interest your target audience, you need to get your hands on these tools and start crafting your final product.

While you can use iTunes to host your podcasts and broadcast it to a wider audience, you cannot use the same tool in order to create the content of your feed. You will need to individually download the tools that you need before you start using them.

Fortunately, the different software and program that you need to use in order to create your podcasts are easily available online. All that you will need is your computer and stable Internet connection.

You will also have to invest your time and energy into finding these tools. With enough work, you will be able to get the software that you need for free.

Submit your Podcast to iTunes

With your material good and ready to go, you will need to submit the URL of your podcast feed to the iTunes Store. All that you will have to do is to visit the iTunes Store and to visit the page that displays the directory of all hosted podcasts.

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Find the Submit a Podcast link by navigating to the Podcast Quick Links menu. Copy and paste the original url of your podcast in the provided venue.

If your podcast is successfully sent to the iTunes Store, you will receive an email that will confirm your iTunes account and your recent activity. After 24 hours, your podcast will be indexed and will go live in the iTunes Store.

Build a Following

With your content ready and up for grabs online, the last thing that you have to do is to build a solid following. Your fans will have two options: first, to manually download the podcasts that you launch, and; two, to have your podcasts automatically added to their media fee.

One thing that you can do in order to build a solid following is to subscribe to other people and other brands’ podcasts. Once you start downloading and subscribing to their content, there is a big chance that they will subscribe to your feed, too. Download TuneUp Media to make it easier for you to organize the content that you will get from their feeds.

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