Google Currents Making Waves With The Recent Breaking News Updates

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If it were in the hands of the apps developers and gadget development companies, we would soon be carrying everything in the form of a tablet- our wallet, tickets, books, newspapers and everything else that need to written on or read from. But no one has been heard whining or complaining at the prospect of getting rid of the extra luggage.

The whole world is embracing the advancements and upgrades in technology with widely open arms and in turn adapting quickly to the novel ways. With the amazing array of products to choose from and the wide range of apps to use from, the user is in a kind of dilemma in order to choose the best of best.

Making the Most of Technologically Advanced Users

Most of us are now adept at reading and listening news on our devices or tablets to stay updated with what is happening around the world. It is a little inconvenient, as most of the screens require zooming in or zooming out for the reader to be able to read from them. But most of the times; the web pages are specifically designed for viewing on a mobile/tablet.

There have been alternative options of apps that have been successful around the world- these include flip board and Google currents.

Google Currents: Interface and Content

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Google Currents, introduced about this time last year, belongs to Google and works on both Android and iOS platform. Put in simpler words, Google Currents is basically a magazine kind of news reading app which was launched last December.

It has gradually established itself into the category of a must have and has become quite popular with users. After the recent upgrade, Google Currents now reaches out to a wider set of audience internationally.

The approach to the content is pretty easy from the developer’s side as the content comes from two sides- the channels that the user has subscribed to and the news items that are making waves online. Since the user can choose the channels to subscribe to, there is a wide variety of items to choose from.

The user interface has been kept simple for users to navigate through and manage the tabs easily without fumbling with the controls. The headlines scroll up and down and the detailed news articles have to be swiped from left to right to be read.

One of the major advantages in this app is that the readers can have offline access to the news pieces. ”. Google Currents interface looks extremely sorted as the news editions with both text and video have been separated, with all the text at one place and all the videos at another.

It also marks and remembers the stories that have been read so that they won’t reappear. Google Currents downloads content from web at a satisfactory pace by default.

Google Currents: The best upgrades

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One of the best upgrades that have been incorporated in the app is that now news from all the wide world can be accessed from one single point. The reader can avail news of any version and any edition.

The Google Currents app even lets you remove the pre-loaded feeds. Not only this, the user is free to add local posts to the items that he can read. This effectively means you can create your own personal newspaper with Google’s Currents.

As the app has been widely accepted and works on both the most popular platforms of android and IOS (coming soon), it does not spell doom for local publications as they can add newsfeed through the specialised tab “Google Currents Producer” tab.

With the latest update, Google Currents supports about 38 languages. The app detects place change very effectively and changes the news feed to change automatically to the current location.

The “Trending” tab shows the top five news stories from 8 major categories of – World Stories, Business, Health, Science, and Technology, Sports, Entertainment and others. The user can choose the categories that you want to display.

The update will allow the interface to be divided into categories so that a user can keep in track with their interests. The favourite categories can be organised into groups.

The reviews that Google Currents has received have been rave and it has quietly stolen its way into the list of one of the most used apps around the world.

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  1. If you’re a fan of Google Currents, then you’ll love this. The app now features breaking news items, rated by Google. The really cool part? The breaking news items can also come from sources that you aren’t subscribed to, keeping you up to date no matter what your interests are. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Jane this all sounds great to me as I hadn’t heard of google currents let alone been using it. Tha app is getting down loaded as I speak. See how it works over here in the uk how relevant it is here or whether it is more USA based.

    Thanks great info lee

  3. Seems to me Google Currents might be one of the things to look out for next year! Thanks for updating us with this latest Google innovation.

  4. This is just AWESOME! I’m a big fan of Google and this latest innovationin their system is definitely a game-changer. Thank you for sharing this with us. Good job

  5. Hi Jane
    Been using google currents for a while now along side my favourite from the bbc. Google currents after using it for a while came out on top. Just isn’t as local as what I can get for the bbc so still use both.

    Great info thanks lee


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