How To Boost Wifi Signals: Tips To Get Better Wi-Fi Signal

Tips To Get Better Wi-Fi Signal

WiFi is in tune with the current generation’s Hi-Fi life style! WiFi gives lots of flexibility over conventional wired signal through Ethernet or USB. You can take chances to move everywhere when you have access to WiFi.

However, WiFi has its own difficulties. If you are not getting enough signal strength in your wifi, you may want to troubleshoot the cause so that you get the most from the wireless network. Let us how it is possible to boost WiFi signals.

Fine tune the router to boost wifi signal

The router that lies in between the computer and the modem will communicate the signals in all directions. The degradation of the signal is dependent on wall, floor, furniture and various objects that lie in between the router and your device.

If you can position the router at the center of the house and at a top location, you will be able to get the maximum signal out of it.

You should also select the right kind of channel. As you login to the router configuration page, you will be able to select a channel of your choice.

By default, a channel will be selected where there might be a possibility of congestion due to heavy dependence on that channel. If you can find the channel where there is less traffic, you can switch over to that particular channel.

There are tools like inSSIDer through which you will be able to figure out the channels that are crowded. You can find a lot of information about the network.

Tinkering with the firmware

The firmware that comes with the router should be updated at regular intervals. As a matter of fact, the firmware will be updated by the manufacturer to take advantage of the latest developments in technology.

Usually, business segments will get updates as and when there is new firmware release. Individual customers should crosscheck this feature.

If automatic updates are not available, you should configure the router for auto firmware updates or you should check the manufacturer’s site for upgrades. By doing so, you can take advantage of the changes and you will be the first to get best signals through WiFi.

You can also download and install the new wireless adapter firmware from which there will be a great improvement in the overall performance of wireless network connectivity.

Third party software installation

If you are desperate to get great signals at any cost, you may want to go to the installation of third party software. There is considerable risk in this process.

The software that you will install and its impact cannot be reversed. Dd-wrt software has great potential to boost the router performance.

If your router is under warranty, you should think twice before implementing this method as the router might be void of warranty after the installation of software. As you visit the website, you can find whether your router is supported or not by the software.

If you are not sound technician, you should stay away from this experimentation. Others who can afford the risk can go for this open source software to boost WiFi signals at home.

The methods discussed above can be implemented without using any repeaters. You should carefully analyze the results and should implement the right strategy to boost signal from the router.

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  1. Very handy article. Sometimes it can be very frustrating when colleagues connected to the network through cable get better speeds compared to the ones using wifi. Need to seriously consider some third party software.

  2. This is a great post. I love the tips and I did not know that about my router. I guess I will have to do some tweaking with it after this. Or at least check to make sure it is up to date. Thanks.

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