Wireless Broadband: How To Make Your Wireless Broadband Faster

Wireless Broadband

Are you experiencing slow network problems with your wireless broadband connection? There are various forms of broadband connection in the world today, and one of the most prominent forms of broadband connection in developed countries  is the wireless broadband.  There are several reasons for this; first, it is mobile and flexible, and second, it is very fast.

It can be really frustrating if your wireless broadband internet starts to become very slow gradually, and it will be even dangerous if you are doing nothing to solve your problems.

I specialize in helping people get the best wireless deals, and I will be giving you a few tips to make your wireless broadband faster below.

Move Closer To The Wireless Broadband Router

The first step you should take towards making your wireless internet faster is to move towards the router if you are using a shared network, or a little bit closer to the network station if you are paying a wireless ISP for their services.

Sometimes, the reason for your network being slow is because you aren’t close enough to your ISP; and you can solve this problem by moving closer to the wireless network source.

Ensure The Network Is Not Crowded

Sometimes, the reason your wireless internet is just very slow is due to the fact that there are too many people on the network. If this is the case, and you’re very confident about it, you can easily get in touch with your ISP and tell them that their network is too crowded while at the same time asking for a solution.

Another solution to this is to look for a period when your wireless network isn’t too crowded, and then schedule your activities towards that period.

Check for Interferences From Other Sources

The problem with your network being very slow can sometimes be due to the fact that there are other radio devices and frequencies affecting your wireless signals, and you can easily fix the problem by moving those devices, or by relocating your wireless network to a more convenient place.

You also need to realize that some wireless networks are more sophisticated than the others, so you should check with your wireless provider, or your wireless device manufacturer, to inquire about the devices that can influence your wireless frequency.

If you notice you are experiencing this problem you should also realize that solving it can help protect you from some serious health hazards.

Look for Ways To Boost Your Wireless Broadband Signal

If the problem with your network is due to poor signal, you can easily resolve it by looking for ways to boost your network signals. There are several ways to boost your network signals; a great way to do so is by moving closer to the network source like I explained above.

You can also boost your wireless network by installing a wireless extender to help improve your network signals. If you want to learn more about wireless extenders you can find out more with a single Google search.

Paul is an expert who helps people get faster internet. He writes for Broadband Expert.

15 thoughts on “Wireless Broadband: How To Make Your Wireless Broadband Faster”

  1. I’ve already tried moving closer to the router, but I still have a slow connection. I don’t have a crowded ruter either because it’s secured with a password. I’ll try your other tips. If that doesn’t work, it means I have to change my computer.

  2. I haven’t been back to our home in the city so I need to rely on my wireless broadband connection in order for me to have an access in all my online accounts. Actually, the performance of my connection exceeded my expectation because it seems like its functioning as fast as my dsl connection way back home. I hope I could also get that dsl connection here.

  3. You can also use some WiFi scanner programs to check signal strength of the other networks around you and then change your channel to a one with less traffic (or, even better, turn on automatic channel choosing on your router).

  4. With the thoughts and tips you’ve shared in this blog it really gives us the chance to know what are the possible solutions to make our connection faster. For sure when we experience slow connection we can have a quicker solution because of the things you’ve shared.Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. The reason why we have a low or sometimes intermittent wireless broadband connection, because some wireless broadband providers used bandwidth manager which control bandwidth in specific sites or sometimes in a subscriber. Our SIM have this parameters in HLR (HOME LOCATION REGISTER) that triggers this bandwidth parameters. so what ever upgrade we done in our plans, still we cannot obtain the maximum speed. Since wireless broadband providers always says “UP to ___Mbps” not ” “exactly __Mbps” right? so they have the reason to manage the bandwidth. One more thing most Wireless Broadband use Dynamic IP not Static that is why it always congested.

  6. I have wireless broadband for our home, because we live in a rural area, and do not have an option for DSL, or Cable, or Fiberoptic of any kind. We get max of 1mb download, and 1mb upload (2mb of speed total). I have been told there is a way to log in to our wireless radio and remove the speed limit. I’m curious if anyone knows how to do this? I wouldn’t do it all the time, but it would be nice to actually use the bandwidth when it’s available.

  7. This is a very interesting article! I use wireless broadband when I’m in the place were wifi is not available and I will apply some of the techniques to make my broadband faster.

  8. Those are nice tips Jane. We do fine here at my house until my 3 oldest Grandchildren visit. I guess it’s just too much for our router with the laptops, phones and games. It is better now that we’ve upgraded to a better router though. I joke with them that they’re sucking up my bandwidth but it’s nice when they visit. 🙂

  9. We have problems with our wireless speeds with our broadband and i have been looking in to reviews on the router that our provider put in and the reviews are to put it politely bad. So i got on to them and am currently trying to demand they give us a different make to see if it makes a difference.


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