Google Glass’s experimental feature lets you see notifications when you glance up

Google Glass's experimental feature lets you see notifications when you glance up

Notification Glance is a new experimental feature that is introduced in the Google Glass. With this feature, when you hear a notification chime, you can simply glance up the screen to see what notification it is.

Earlier, Glass users should either nod or tap the headset in order to see what notification it is. Usually when a notification arrives, the user will hear a chime but only if they do the additional gesture like nodding the head or tapping the headset they can see what notification it is.

Well, Google wants to make the life of Glass users too convenient – with this new experimental feature once you hear the chime you simply have to glance up the screen – how cool is that?

This is pretty useful and convenient (and less distracting) if you are in a social or a business event. The Glass has already attracted quite some controversial comments from people that it will distract or limit a person’s social life. However, the looking at the (into the?) Glass is far better than looking down at your smartphone screen while you are in a social event. To make it even better, Google has rolled out this new Notification Glance feature.

In order to set this up or enable it, you have to go to Settings and find the “Notification Glance” card and follow a couple more steps, according to this Google+ post. The same Google+ post says that this is an “experimental feature and hence it wants the users to try it out and give them feedback.

Reading through the comments in the Google+ post, most users report that they are stuck with the Glass logo. Given that this is an “experimental” feature, there could be a few hiccups. If you face the same, don’t be alarmed and rest assured you are not alone!

Based on the user feedback Google will take this feature out of the “experimental” stage, make it stable and might add some new improvements too.

So try out this new feature and let Google know what you think.

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  1. Hey Jane,

    Thanks for sharing this. Actually, I can’t wait to have Google Glass get ‘listed’ in my country.

    I saw so many people using in US and that really looks cool! Glace up and get notification? Bring it on!

    Thanks for the write.


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