10 Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Twitter Followers

10 Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Twitter Followers

Whether we admit it or not, most of us share a somewhat complicated love-hate relationship with Twitter. Sure, it is a wonderful medium for blogging, keeping in touch with the latest trends and our favourite celebrities and achieving our very own stardom, albeit on the Internet.

However, there is no denying the fact that it is an extremely messy and tedious job to manage Twitter followers. Moreover, losing your fan base is perhaps even worse than a bad breakup.

What are Twitter Unfollow Tools?

Twitter Unfollow Tools are gaining massive popularity in the online market due to their ability to manage your account, and consequently, your Twitter followers. There are several choices available, so do take your time and pick one out that fulfils all your criteria. There are free as well as paid versions to suit all types of budgets.

Free Twitter Unfollow Tools

If you have never before heard about a Twitter Unfollow Tool and are using it for the first time, it is always better to avail a free service for the initial trial run. There are several options to choose from.

The Friend or Follow Twitter

The Friend or Follow Twitter tool saves its users the trouble of browsing through their list of followers and instead provides them with the list of individuals whom they follow, but unkindly, they do not return back the favour. Similarly, this Twitter Unfollow Tool also shows followers whom we have not followed in return and those whom you follow as well.


TwUnfollow goes a step further by offering to its users a rather large array of services including immediate e-mail notifications, a web-inspired short account and an RSS feed as well.

The Goodbye, Buddy!

The Goodbye, Buddy! tool notifies its users via direct messaging about any lost followers. This is a rather interesting option as it eases the pain of losing a member of your fan club by making the notifications, which take a bit of time to start off, as deliciously funny as possible.

It also enables its users to spy on the history of their unfollowers. The paid version of this service has several other provisions.

The TwitterCounter

The TwitterCounter is yet another tool that is an immensely valuable friend when it comes to Twitter management. It keeps the identity of the unfollowers hidden but offers stats and information about your followers, keeping you in touch with the complete picture, at large. Users can also avail predictions of their account’s growth based on past account activities.


TweetEffect helps you track down the root cause of all your Twitter problems and figure out the prime reason for your followers losing interest in your tweets, and consequently, becoming unfollowers. Obviously it not cent per cent accurate, but in most cases, TweetEffect has been a welcome service, and that too free.

There are several other free Twitter tools in the market to choose from. So, have your pick and choose one that suits you best and caters to your every need.

Paid Twitter Unfollow Tools

In case you have tried out any of the Twitter Unfollow Tools, free or paid, and have been satisfied by their services, maybe it is time to move on to a paid service, if you are comfortable with the idea and are looking forward to using more advanced and helpful provisions. Paid services offer way more features and allow you to navigate and maneuver your account more effectively.


Twepe, a rare gem, offers its users a daily account of their Twitter account activity via e-mail. This includes new as well as lost followers. However, favourite tweet notifications are not available as of yet. For a meager sum, Twepe provides its users with an analysis of who they should follow and spotting Twitter bots, among other features.


Followerwonk has both a free and a paid version. The paid one, obviously, boasts of a larger variety of features and provisions.

This service enables its users to categorize and analyze their followers on the basis of age, messaging frequency and other criteria. With the help of this valuable tool, you can view your followers through a sort of a spreadsheet format, thus helping you sort out the most as well as the least active members in your list of followers.

Besides, users can alsosearch Twitter bios of their followers and even their followers, in turn, analyze their activity and compare followers. You can also withdraw from someone’s list of followers without having to exit the site.


Tweepi is yet another great option you can try out. Unfollow Twitteratis who do not follow you. It provides the users with the opportunity to sort through the list of followers of their followers and so on, which gradually leads to a rise in their number of followers.


TwitSpinner is an all-rounder when it comes to account management on Twitter. Not only can users now unfollow individuals who are not following them, but they can also advance to managing direct messages from Twitter, followers, scheduled tweets and also, designs.


Contaxio is not only limited to Twitter. It is also spread out across a number of other social networking sites. This is a more effective and sincere tool than most others as it believes in supporting several platforms, clean interface and exporting data.

In fact, appropriate action can also be taken against individuals, whom you select. Once again, like most Twitter Unfollow Tools, this comes in free and paid versions.

There are endless possibilities waiting for your Twitter account out there. The ones mentioned are just a handful of the ones which boast of superior and effective features or have remained stable over a period of time.

It is highly recommended that before you subscribe to any of the tools; make sure to go through the list of things they need permission for, in order to keep your privacy intact. In case you are no longer interested in using any of the tools, log in to your Twitter account and remove them from accessing your account. So get out there and enjoy your Twitter celebrity status.

2 thoughts on “10 Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Twitter Followers”

  1. Hi Jane,
    great list of useful Twitter tools.
    I’ve heard about some of them, and tried at least once.

    But there is one you haven’t mention : JustUnfollow.
    I use it almost daily : they have also an app for Apple devices.
    They give you 200 free actions each day.

    I like to manage my Twitter accounts sitting on the sofa, watching tv, while using my iPad.

    Thanks for sharing these tools, very interesting!
    Have a great day, Jane!

  2. Hey Jane,

    Excellent share indeed. Just like Erik, I uses some (not all though) and Followerwonk (free one) is one of the best I ever use. Love the time feature :p

    Moving forward I know many people dig into TwUnfollow but yet to try it. Guess it is time to try!

    Thanks for sharing!


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