Google+ can be your new photo editing app in iOS

Google+ can be your new photo editing app in iOS

Google+ has rolled out an update to its iOS app yesterday and the update has included the “Stories” feature plus some additional, cool photo editing features.

With the new editing tools you can spice up your images, add your personal touch and do more before sharing them with your friends. You don’t have to leave the Google+ app and fire up a new photo editing software to do the job! You can now do all of the nifty editing of your photos right withing the Google+ app, without leaving it.

The photo editing tools allow you to crop, enhance, rotate and add filters to your photos. The enhancements are 1-tap options where you can add effects like Drama, Retrolux (for a vintage look), HDR Scape (to eliminate shadows) and more.

The coolest thing about the new update is that you need not stick to one device for photo editing. You could start editing your pictures on iPhone and if you don’t find it comfy or if you were interrupted you can simply continue your editing on your iPad, if you wish.

You can add your edited photos to your Stories – a feature rolled out to the Android app earlier that automatically turns your synced photos to a movie. Blurred and low quality photos will be automatically excluded from your movie and the Auto Awesome tool also picks up the best photo to make it your movie cover.

While editing your photos via the Google+ app for iOS you don’t have to worry about losing the original. You can revert back to original any time during the edit (even if you have performed various edits).

The Stories feature will create automatic photo books of your photos after you return from a vacation for instance. The app will use your phone’s location to group photos accordingly to make a movie/story.

Have you tried out the updated app yet?

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