Google Wallet Could Be On Google Glass!

Google Wallet Could Be On Google Glass

The Google Glass project is looked after very well by Google! The Glass already has quite some handy, useful and nerdy apps on it. What I am about to tell you is a rumor and it is a biggie.

The Google Wallet program might be on Google Glass allowing users to be able to send money to friends by simply using the words “Send Money”. Cool, huh? However as I said this is a rumor and it is not clear when this feature will be added to the Glass and will be available for the Google Glass users.

Google is speculated to be testing the Wallet feature on Glass. It could be a few more months before the testing is complete and the feature is rolled out to the public. But it sounds really exciting.

With this app on your Glass you don’t need to go to the ATM, you don’t have to write a Cheque – heck, you don’t even have to pull your smartphone from your pocket to send money! Uttering those two magic words will do the job!

Google Wallet is not new. It is already in place helping Gmail users to send money to another Gmail account – though it takes some quite annoying steps to go through unlike sending money vial Wallet on Glass (talking as if its already in place ;)).

Google Wallet was the first on the market for mobile payments but still it was not a hit. It wasn’t as popular as it was anticipated to be. Now, adding the Wallet to Glass might give it a boost in the right direction.

In other words, Wallet on Glass could be more useful to Wallet itself rather than the Glass, given that the Glass is loaded with useful apps already and I’m sure Google will work on adding a lot more soon.

Ah and one more thing to note – if you send money using your Google Wallet balance or via your bank account (that you have linked to your Wallet), the transfer will be free. However, if you would like to use your Credit Card to send money, there will be a transaction fee – 2.9% to be precise.

That said, it is really exciting to know about Wallet on Glass and what else can we do apart from waiting for it to be rolled out?

If you are a Glass user, let us know if you’re excited about this or is it yet another “duh” news on Google Glass?

If you are not a Glass user, would you consider buying the Google Glass taking into account all the apps and features it has, including the Wallet now?

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