Google Launches Standalone Apps: Docs And Sheets For iOS And Android

Google Launches Standalone Apps: Docs And Sheets For iOS And Android

If you’re a heavy user of Google docs and Google Spreadsheets, here’s some news for you. Although working via Google Drive is convenient, what if you have a dedicated app for Docs and Sheets (separately)?

Would you like it? Would you find it convenient?

You will have to find it yourself by trying out the corresponding apps for Android – Docs and Sheets, and iOS – Docs and Sheets.

In the official announcement, Google claims that an app for Slides is coming soon too.

While some people may find this confusing – to have to deal with documents and spreadsheets via the apps and via the Drive – some find it really handy. The Drive app is also still in practice.

One of the main promises made by Google is that there is improved offline support for these apps. Here’s a snippet from the official announcement regarding offline support:

Now, if you have a brilliant idea for a best-selling novel while traipsing through the Amazonian rainforest (or you know, something more probable, like during flight takeoff)…no problem. You can jot down your idea in the Docs app on your phone, even when you’re offline.

You could still continue to use the Drive app, but you will be prompted to download the Docs and Sheets app when you fire up the Drive and proceed with editing docs or sheets. You can however use the Drive app to view and organize your files.

Docs And Sheets For iOS And Android

When you open the Docs or Sheets app, you will be presented with the most recently edited files which makes it convenient for you to get started right away.

If you are a fan of recording ideas while you’re offline and making use of waiting and commuting times to edit docs and sheets without internet connection, you might fall in love with the new apps.

Try out the apps and let us know your thoughts.

You can download the apps here:

Android: Docs | Sheets

iOS: Docs | Sheets

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