Top 10 Android Apps For Bloggers

Top 10 Android Apps For Bloggers

Bloggers are the one who need to get updated daily about latest information prevailing in the blogosphere. Earlier, all the bloggers were using computers and laptops only for blogging but now-a-days Smartphones are the new tools for them to get in touch with surrounding world.

Thanks to the Android Operating System for providing such awesome functionalities to bloggers. A wide range of Smartphones and tablet are available in the market which purely runs on Android and I must say that there will be very less bloggers in the world who don’t have an Android Smartphone.

Along this, there are a lot of Android Applications available in Google Play Store which makes Android OS more powerful! Definitely, there are many Android apps which are useful for Bloggers. So, today we have compiled a list of “Top 10 Android Apps for Bloggers”, depending on their needs.

Top 10 Android Apps for Bloggers

1. Blogger

One of the finest and widely used blogging platforms is Blogger, which is developed by Google. To enter into the world of Blogging, you just have to log-in with your Gmail ID and one BlogSpot blog will be ready for you.

There is an app called “Blogger” in the Google play Store, which allows you to publish new posts, uploading pictures, labels, location, and much more. You can easily switch between multiple accounts. Get the Blogger App from the Android Market.

2. WordPress

Those bloggers who are interested in advanced blogging, they usually switch to WordPress. WordPress is also one of the best and most popular blogging platforms on the internet because of its advance features and functionalities.

You can directly access your blogs from “WordPress” app and manage all the things like creating new posts, editing old ones, moderating comments, videos, etc. Jump into the world of Blogging with the help of WordPress app right from your Android Smartphone. Grab the WordPress app from the Android Market.

3. Evernote

Evernote app is used to take down notes faster and easier on your Smartphone. It’s one of the best Android apps to keep a record of notes.

Bloggers can use this app to jot down points related to posts, capturing photos, record and audio clip, etc. Get the Evernote App from the Android Store.

In my case I am using this application to collect new ideas about writing new posts.

4. Google Keep

Another best app for taking notes is Google Keep. It’s an official app provided by Google to keep track of ideas, thoughts, lists and photos. It also offers checklist and color-code for notes. Get the Google Keep from the Google App Store.

5. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is also provided by Google but it used to access key data from your AdSense account. You can get earnings information, top custom and URL channels, ad units and sites reports, payment alerts. Download Google AdSense from the App Store.

6. Google Reader App

Facing problem in remembering different blog URL’s? Then start using “Google Reader App”, which allows you to get updates from your favourite subscribed blogs. This app saves your time as well as provides information in a systematic manner. Go and get your “Google Reader app” from the official store.

7. Google Analytics App

Traffic is the most important information which is needed by ever Blogger daily. The Google Analytics app helps to check blog stats; number of page views, visitor’s location, traffic sources, and lots of more information on the Smartphone it. Get “Google Analytics App” from the App Store.

8. SwiftKey Keyboard

Stock keyboard of Android isn’t suitable for Bloggers because they need advanced version, which helps them in auto-completion of words as well as in correcting typo errors.

As per the need, here is the Swiftkey Keyboard, which allows Bloggers with all needed functionality as well as some extra features. Grab the app from the Google Play Store.

9. Gmail App

This is the most essential app for the Bloggers because it helps to interact with clients and the users. As well as it’s one of the most trusted and desirable email clients, almost every Blogger use it! So, juts one time login and read your conversations on the go. Download and install the Gmail app from the official store.

10. PayPal App

PayPal is the most trustable and secure site for money transaction. That’s why; it is the most popular app among the Bloggers as well! The PayPal app allows us to check balance, send or receive money, online shopping, etc. from anywhere at any time. Get your PayPal from here.

From various Android applications available in Google Play Store, here I have mentioned “Top 10 Android Apps for Bloggers”, which are used frequently. If you believe that I have missed any essential app for Bloggers then do share via below comments section!

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  1. Nice post!

    I was already using #9 and #10. The Gmail and PayPal apps and they are very useful. I use them almost daily.

    I wasn’t aware of #2, the WordPress app and will be adding it to my collection as soon as I’m done with this comment. 😉


    Coby Wright

  2. Planning to buy a good smartphone Jane 🙂

    Hope this post would help me to add some useful blogging apps on it.

    Thanks for writing about the android apps, keep sharing the useful stuffs

  3. Thanks for compiling this useful list of apps. I have heard about most of them, but I am yet to try Google Keep and Swiftkey Keyboard. Android apps are very very useful for bloggers to have smooth operations from their phone too.

  4. Hi Jane. You are a great blogger yourself. Yes that is I know!! 🙂

    Smartphones and Tablets are going to replace PCs. Most of people love to access internet via smartphones whether for entertainment or work. That does not matter. These Android Apps are really rocking. Keep sharing like this.


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