Awe-Inspiring Android Apps – Fabulous Five

Awe-Inspiring Android Apps - Fabulous Five

My dear fellow Android users and newbies of Android, whatever may be the controversy and criticism about Android I personally feel Droids are the best ever smartphones. What my mates say about smartphone is that they don’t know where to begin, what to do, where to end with a smartphone thereby not utilizing most of the features of the smartphone.

What I suggest is utilize your smartphone to such an extent that you wouldn’t regret later (for not using, when you are in a situation to change over to much smarter phones). Well, have you wondered how to make your Android phones the smartest?

The answer is simple Apps. Yeah, install few valuable Apps so that you can extract the best from your Android Phones. I am going to discuss five Apps which is beneficial to me and which I felt is a must for majority of Android users.


Cost: Free

Google+ needs no introduction; within weeks of its launch it has created a colossal change in the social networking world. Google+ for mobile (for android so far) is an awesome one and a must for everybody.

This App is fully polished and slick, the features in this App are very intuitive and innovative. There’s more, this App is best viewed in Android platform only which is a pleasant plus.

Wave Launcher

Cost: $1.99

What is the prime thing you miss about web browsing in comparison with that of mobile? I would certainly say multi tasking. Yeah, while been accustomed to using various windows on web it will be difficult to get incarcerated with just one on Android and other mobiles.

Wave Launcher unravels this hitch. You can have the quick launch wave of WebOS on your Android. All you have to do is install this app and set up the launcher with desired Apps. Just one slide with your finger you can get access to your favorite Apps.

Read It Later Pro

Cost: $2.99

Bid bye to bookmarks. For hardcore readers like me (who read anywhere and everywhere), bookmark is a burden since I need a bookmark for my maladroit bookmarks.

Read It Later Pro is a savior; it just adds the page you are reading to the reading list and once you have completed, click done and it will be removed from the list. An interesting feature of this App is you can use this as Chrome to PC service also.

Camera ZOOM FX

Cost: $4.80

The stock camera software of Android is not up to the expectations of many; now you can enhance it by installing Camera ZOOM FX. Apart from pleasing our needs it also has various tweaks. This App is a bit difficult to use at first, but it’s more than its money’s worth.


Cost: Free

While you want to move to cloud Dropbox is the best option. Dropbox is as vital for me as water and oxygen (literally). Since am accustomed to storing all the photos, files, music on cloud and then accessing from where I need Dropbox is an obvious choice for me. It not only helps in providing efficient backup but also aids you to access your file anytime, anywhere from your Android handset.

These are my personal favorites, let’s discuss about these and your list of fab five Apps in the comments.

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  1. I adore Dropbox a lot and use it for everything at work and home. Never have to worry about my stuff getting lost, being inaccessible, or having multiple versions of the same document saved in two different locations. It gives me peace of mind and saves precious time.

  2. Hi Jane. Your posts are really very unique and informative. I always read your post and often found you in blog commenting sites also. Honestly this one is also very informative. Thanks for sharing it.


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