HTC Introduces The One

It does not come as a surprise when some people don’t know that the HTC brand has been in the market for quite some time now. HTC has been a discreet player in the past, but things are a little different now.

HTC has now played an ace card that will surely impact the Smartphone market – and it is aptly called the One.


HTC has a different approach in designing its Smartphones. HTC One (aff link) has a futuristic look as it comes in a metal rear and beveled metal edges. The pure white exterior with touches of black gives it a clean, sleek look.

Unlike the competitor phones which has sharp cut edges, this  is not tricky to hold as it has a rounded back making the phone fit to your hand perfectly. However, the rounded back makes it difficult for the phone to sit on a flat surface at times.

HTC One weighs 4.16 oz but it does not come in a bulky body as it measures 5.41 x 2.69 x 0.37 inches—so you don’t have to worry about its hefty size.


HTC Introduces The One

I must admit, the display of HTC One is one of the first things that I noticed when I tried using it. The display contrast of this Smartphone is outstanding. True, deep blacks and lively colors give the display a vibrant feel.

You can’t also help but notice its wide screen. The 4.7 inch display screen is crammed with 1920 x 1080 pixels—giving it a pixel density of 468 ppi.

This allows you to see even the smallest details of the images displayed. The widescreen lets you to read on journals, messages, or web pages without having to scroll up and down as it shows you a broad part of the text.

Sense 5.0

One of the two-love secrets of HTC One is the Sense 5.0. This interface runs on top of Android 4.1.2. It gives the phone a new grid of menu icons and geometric patterns so you would feel like you are using a phone from a different era.

To access the home screens, simply swipe to the right. The good thing about the home screen is that it’s customizable—even without downloading apps like Go Launcher. Not only the home screen but the lock screen is customizable as well.

In general, the user interface of HTC One is so easy to use. It’s more than user-friendly as it readily feeds the phone user the information it needs.

Whether you download business-related apps like RingCentral or DropBox, or load up on games like Candy Crush, you’ll never get lost. Now isn’t that how Smartphones should be?


To start with, HTC Zoe is the new feature of HTC’s camera. When taking pictures, this camera mode will allow you to capture a high-definition footage of scenes before and after you click the shutter – 0.6 seconds before and 3.0 seconds after the click.

This gives you a more dramatic and artistic touch to your photo captures as it would show you information on what is going around. But remember to let your friends know about this as they may waste the extra 3.0 seconds by going out of the scene immediately.  You do not want a photo gallery full of pictures of people walking away from you, don’t you?

Market Price

HTC One (aff link) is relatively cheap compared to other smart phones around. In fact, it was on sale for 99$ on Amazon last June. But since that’s already passed, you need to pull out a few hundred dollars more. But gives its specs and power, I’d say that’s still a steal!

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