Evernote Review: Capture, Remember, Plan And Organize

A productivity tool is the need of the hour for many busy people. When there is so much stuff to remember, so much to take note of and so much to attend to, you really need the helping hand of a tool or a software.

But the most important thing is that the software or the tool should be easy enough to use in the first place.

There are loads of productivity tools available but the most common problem among all of them is that they’re either too complicated to use and/or there are too much to learn before using it.

Luckily we have Evernote which is not only fairly easy to use but also can act as our personal assistant – Evernote can be a document manager, to-do list manager, task manager, and much more. It all really depends on how you choose to use it.

Access everything on the go

One of the key features that attracted me towards Evernote is that you can access Evernote in various forms depending upon where you are. And you can have everything synced.

All you need is an Evernote account and you can keep all your documents, notes, screenshots etc. in sync. You can use the web based account, Desktop application, iPad app, Android app, Evernote Clipper (browser addon) etc. to help you with collecting and storing the documents.


Evernote clipper is a great handy browser extension that allows you to clip (save) webpages as you read them. If you’re a blogger or doing any sort of online business there is a lot of information you come across in a working day.

But it is hard to save every info in one place. And this is where Evernote comes to picture. You can simply add the Evernote clipper browser extension and clip the webpages.

Evernote Clipper

While clipping you can choose the “Notebook” (in this case, I’ve chosen “Tech”), add tags and also add any comments while you save your notes.


Simply clipping all the notes and saving them just like that will only create chaos. It is important that you need to categorize your notes and put them in folders as you would organize documents offline.

In order to do so, you simply have to create separate Notebooks in which you can organize your stuff. Here’s a screenshot of a few of my notebooks.

Evernote notebooks

Create documents

Yes you not only can save documents or webpages but you can create your own documents and keep them in one place (of course, in a pretty organized manner). In fact most of the notes inside the Notebooks I’ve shown above are my blog post drafts on that topic.

So if you are a blogger, content creator, or if you want to keep your office documents in one place you can use Evernote for the same.

What is the cost?

After all, the choice of any tool or software that we use depends also greatly on its price. That is, we always want to know if the tool is affordable in the first place.

Don’t worry, Evernote is pretty affordable – its free!

For free, you get 60MB of upload allowance every month. That’s more than enough for me.

But there is also a premium option if you need it. It costs $5 per month of $45 per year and here are the features of the premium version:

  • 1GB monthly allowance to create, save and clip content.
  • Search within your PDF files.
  • Collaborate with others by sharing notes and allowing others to edit them.
  • Add security to your documents by locking the app with a PIN in iOS and Android.
  • Maintain offline notebooks on iOS, Android and Windows phone.
  • View past version of notebooks.
  • Ad free.

Other Evernote Perks

Evernote Food – Allows you to remember the food you love and document recipes, restaurants etc.

Evernote Hello – Remember people and not just that – keep a history of memorable events with every one of them!

Evernote Peek (for iPad) – Turn your notes, audio and image in Evernote into study materials.

Evernote Clearly – Clearly makes blog posts, articles and webpages clean and easy to read. Save them to Evernote to read them anywhere.

Penultimate (for iPad) – Easy to use handwriting app for iPad.

Skitch – Get your point across with fewer words using annotation, shapes and sketches, so that your ideas become reality faster.

Do you use Evernote? If not, will you consider using it? If you’re using Evernote, what is that you like about the tool the most?

10 thoughts on “Evernote Review: Capture, Remember, Plan And Organize”

  1. Thanks Jane for the grate post. As bloggers Evernote is most essential tool for us.I have using it for the last 6 months , and very much happy with it 🙂 The recent update allow us to edite web clips took from Evernote clipper by using desktop app.

  2. Thanks a lot. My friend had told me about EverNote and I was not able to find what it was really.
    You made it really simple and informative !

  3. I have been using evernot for some time now..it is really useful and the android version is really cool..The desktop version could have been better

  4. Hi Jane, Great Review of Evernote. I am using this app in my android device from long ago which is really awesome. Thanks for Sharing this Great Review!!

  5. This is great! As a blogger, this is something that could really come in handy if I come across something while I’m on the go.

  6. I also use Evernote throughout the week. Here are a couple examples:

    If I get an email that I can’t respond to immediately, I’ll forward it to my Evernote email. Then at a later time I can reply to the message.

    I also use the web clipper on my mobile devices. While browsing the web, if I find something interesting, I’ll “clip it” into Evernote for review at a later time.

  7. I use Evernote to remember what should i remember. And as a blogger i can’t imagine to pass any day without it till the first time. I love it and many many thanks to you for this complete review.


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