Google+’s Break Up Strategem

Google+'s Break Up Strategem

Like all love stories the romance between users and Google+ is fading now. Yup, Google+ seems to be recruiting some serious strategies that may unknowingly result in break up between the 20 million users of Google+ social media network and the company.

Flaws in the plan:

Social networks warn not delete

I’ve never seen Facebook deleting peoples’ accounts; it always warns or does spam checking and in the extreme case displays a public warning. However G+ has already deleted many accounts claiming they were fake ones. Not only fake accounts were deleted in this profile deletion spree by Google but also many real accounts.

After the accounts been deleted G+ is neither displaying the information about account deletion nor the reason for it. All it says is either “Page not found error” or “Profile not found”.

Instead of these chaoses Google+ should have given warned the fake persons to submit proof of identity within a month or so and then delete the profile if the proof of identity wasn’t submitted. Otherwise they should have asked for identity proof when joining/creating Google+ profile itself.

The problem doesn’t end with deleting the account, Google+ deletes all the data stored by that account holder on Google. Droid users beware! Have a backup in non-Google.

Business accounts, is there one?

Social media is primly used for business purposes by variety of people. They may be customer or vendor their prime goal is to have a social media that helps them in the business needs. In this facebook fan pages scores a ton.

G+ on the other hand not only causes problems by deleting accounts of people who use it for business but it also isn’t prepared well for the business accounts creation that are in the testing phase. Like Facebook it should have had separate link for business users immediately after its launch.

But I’m sure it’s coming soon.

Demands & Commodity

Only after few months in relationship we will know our partner’s flaws similarly only after a month of using G+ we can clearly know about the flaws in this social network.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter which gave us a clean product and then enhanced the features, Google gave us a awry product with lot of bugs that are not yet fixed.

Google must have taken even more time to fix these bugs and then it should have sent invites or it should have sent only few invites within its office so that the product could have been tested. Users already have loads of social networks therefore people will love Google+ only if it is completely error-free.

The current love for Google+ among users is not love at all, it’s complete infatuation or a colossal crush which will be broke up soon if G+ doesn’t know the romancing tactics.

All these above quoted flaws are just speed bumps in the path to love and not road blocks. If G+ clears these hurdles and knows how to handle (romance) its partner (users) then surely G+ may overpower the old hag Facebook. However G+ must have done this long before since Google has much experience in getting flops (Orkut, Buzz).

As far as am concerned Facebook is an excellent lover with just a few flaws. Will Google+ take over the Facebook’s position of best lover or will it end in breaking up? Let’s wait and watch.

2 thoughts on “Google+’s Break Up Strategem”

  1. Hi Jane,

    It’s so hard to believe that the people at google could make such reckless mistakes! But I’d like to believe that it’s just because they’re at the beginning! I think they will resolve their problems and find a way to apologize their users!

    • For sure! But since Google was launched in beta to limited users, they will most probably escape without an apology LOL.


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