Motorola: The Boosts And Bombs

Motorola: The Boosts And Bombs

Motorola sales are really booming in the second quarter of 2011 in comparison to that of previous year. The net revenue out of second quarter is said to be $3.3 billion which is a straight 28% hike when compared to that of 2010. The total profit is said to be $26 million which is a big amount especially after the $87 million loss in quarter 2 of year 2010.

This year saw many Motorola products hitting the market such as Droid3, Droid X2, XOOM, etc. These new products were purely management strategies to enhance the sales of Motorola which had gone awry in the previous year.

Well when these are the boosts on the Motorola sales, the bomb is that Motorola is still not in top five smartphone companies. Yeah, the top 5 smartphone vendors are (on basis of sales) Nokia, Apple, Research in Motion, Samsung, and HTC.

The sales of Motorola albeit being increased in comparison to previous year (2010) cannot be considered as victory or profit since this hike in sales is nowhere when compared to the sales in 2007 (where Motorola was reigning the mobile market).

To enhance or boost up their sales Motorola has been recruiting some serious techniques such as

·         Expansion of Droid family with Verizon wireless by means of Droid X2, Droid3

·         Launch of four smartphones in China.

·         Launch of tablets and smartphones including XOOM in U.S.A and Latin America

·         Initiation of tablets in correlation with Spotify. Spotify provides on-demand access to music libraries.

Instead of its own platform, Motorola opted for Google’s Android platform since it enhances the quality of Moto products. A major boon of using Android platform is that it supports a lot of Apps that makes Motorola compete with Apple. However Android platform is not specific to Moto alone. LG, HTC and few others use this platform thus Moto can’t compete these rivals on basis of platform or Apps (that’s a sad part of sharing Droid platform).

In 1990’s Moto ruled the mobile phone sales, again in 2004 Motorola was the King of smartphones (yup, these were the times when Apple was just a fruit trying to ripe in to mobile sales).

Only when Apple launched its full touch iPhone in late 2004 Moto was pushed aside. Even now with this hike in sales during Q2 of 2011 Moto is safely behind Samsung in sales of smartphones.

Already with Apple-Nokia war (well, Nokia has won it), wars between Google’s Droid and other smartphones, and latest Apple-HTC patent issues there is lot of news about smartphones. To add to this line up Motorola will to join the IP wars.

The twice sworn King of mobile and smartphones Motorola is clearly trying to climb up the rungs in order to swear in as King again. With all these boosts and mainly the bombs, will Motorola rule the smartphone world again? Is it all that easy? Will Apple and other rivals allow this to happen? In case of IP wars who will win? Only time can answer these questions.

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  1. In my opinion, any phone company that has uses Android as their OS will definitely make a buzz in the market. As we all know, Android OS is open source which gives developers and mobile companies great benefits.


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