8 Best HTML5 Audio Players to Use on Your Website


8 Best HTML5 Audio Players to Use on Your Website

Designing a website can be quite a complicated task unless you have the right tools to begin with.

You won’t simply require a good web designing software to design your website; after all, do you want your website to be just ordinary?

As of this year, HTML5 happens to be one of the most popular choices for web design and there is a reason for that. This HTML5 is brand new, easy to follow and exciting.

Using it is undoubtedly a thrilling experience, especially since this is unlike anything that has been devised before.

HTML5 provides you with a seamless experience when it comes to web design and also enables you to experiment with your website the way you want.

Do you want your website to contain audio players? Well, for some websites that is a must.

For instance, if you are running a music themed website, you would need audio players. The sad part is, most web designing platforms don’t allow that.

That’s where HTML5 comes in handy. The software would allow you to incorporate some of the best HTML5 audio players into your blogs and websites.

All these audio players come with different features and should be compatible with any kind of blog or website.

8 best audio speakers for HTML5

If you are indeed creating a website, then you should get the best HTML5 audio players.

If you search online, you’ll find plenty of software applications that can be used as audio speakers.

Now how do you know which one would go with your website? Or how do you judge which software application comes with the best features?

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That is why we have compiled a list of about eight HTML5 audio players which come with unique features and can be safely considered to be the best in the market:

Media Element

Media Element

Media Element is both an audio and a video player. It has been written in complete CSS and HTML5.

Some software applications offer HTML5 players to the modern browsers yet a different flash player for the old ones.

Media Element doesn’t distinguish between the two.

It just updates the entire system to go with the kind of browser you’re using and also provides plugins accordingly.

Chameleon HTML5 audio player

Chameleon HTML5 audio player

The best part about the Chameleon Audio player is that it allows you to add any background music to the website and also gives you the functionality of a featured audio player for HTML5.

The software application is a fully customizable one. Here you would be able to change the color of volume slider, player background, playlist font and background, timer etc.



jPlayer is a free HTML5 audio player. It can be defined as a media library (open source) that has been written entirely in JavaScript.

Also, this happens to be a jQuery plug-in. This software allows you to incorporate both video and audio into your website with utmost ease.

You would be able to switch between various platforms. Also, the software comes with API.

This allows you to craft innovative and amazing media solutions for your users.

HTML5 audio player bookmarklet

This is another of the easy to use HTML5 audio players.

This software would add an audio player to your website that would enable you to play all kinds of linked files (only audio) on your web pages.

The kind of format that would go with the audio player would depend on the kind of browser you’re using.

It doesn’t have to be one page; you could have links on every web page and use it on all of them!

OIplayer jQuery plugin

OIplayer jQuery plugin

The software is a HTML5 video and audio player that uses both java and also flash for operations. Basically this is how it works.

When you have audio or any video tags, the software kind of “attaches” itself to them.

Then having attached itself to the tags, it attributes certain characteristics to the media files.

These include auto play, poster, control, width and other such plugins.

Universal HTML5 audio player

Universal HTML5 Audio Player

Now this HTML5 audio player isn’t free, truth be told. But that’s because value comes at a price.

Also, think about it, the software is pretty cheap and also works really well.

The audio player comes with a unique feature. It prevents your media files from being hijacked, which is always a threat when you are using media files on your website.



The software comes with HTML5 tags which can be used anywhere within your website.

It makes use of native and flash players.

That makes the software really easy to use and understand.

Soundmanager 2

Soundmanager 2

This software makes it really easy to use the JavaScript media files.

The software is a reliable one, so you don’t really have to worry about it.

Also, you would be able to create your media files and play them across all your web pages with ease.

These are the eight best media (both video and audio) players for HTML5. All you have to do is give them a try!

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