9 Wonderful HTML5 Resources For Website Designers And Developers

9 Wonderful HTML5 Resources For Website Designers And Developers

HTML5 is shaping the future of website design and development business. It’s here, it’s new and more importantly, its resourceful. HTML5 is going to make the web more interactive, dynamic and some say it’s the harbinger of death for Flash technology.

HTML5 is one of the most talked about subject in web development community and newbie web designers are eager to learn the coding techniques of this revolutionary language.

Web is a wonderful place, rich with resources for people willing to learn HTML5. However, sometimes too much of anything leads to confusion. So, in this article I will highlight only the most helpful HTML5 resources.

#1 HTML5 Rocks

If you want to build a HTML5 website today, then this is the most helpful source of information for you. The website elaborates each feature of HTML5 in detail and suggests the ideal ways to use them in your website development project.

#2 HTML5 Working Draft Specification

Released by W3C org, it’s the Holy Bible for both novice and seasoned HTML5 developers. This draft is updated regularly and here you will find the list of vocabulary, elements, and API’s for HTML5.

#3 HTML5 Boilerplate

 It helps you build secure, fast loading, adaptable websites and web apps using HTML5. You can download pre-configured website design templates from this site or use the classic HTML5 template. Using the tools offered by this site, you can reduce website development time and launch your HTML5 powered site faster.

#4 Can I Use

Browser support is a major concern for HTML5 users because some of the backdated browsers don’t support HTML5 elements. Therefore, its necessary to know whether the features or elements you want to use in your website design will support the browsers you are targeting or not.

The “Can I Use” website offers an up to date list of HTML5, CSS3, SVG elements compatibility in desktop and mobile browsers. So, go through this before you develop a website to clarify browser support issues.

#5 HTML5 & Friends

It offers plenty of tools, demonstrations, information and resources related to this futuristic programming language. The website is very clean and well organized. You can navigate it effortlessly and collect the desired information.

#6 HTML5 Doctor

The name of the website certainly indicates its sole purpose. A doctor detects your physical problems and provides remedies. Similarly, the HTML5 Doctor website has answers to all your questions related to HTML5.

There are articles on everything you need to know about HTML5 and you can also check out the “Q&A” section to find some crucial answers. Some of the most reputed HTML5 experts post their answers on this site.

#7 HTML5 for Web Designers

If you have just entered website design industry, then this is the website you must visit. The site admin, Jeremy Keith, has published a concise 85 page HTML spec for website designers. Just for your information, the original HTML5 spec is 900 pages long and is rather difficult to comprehend.

He has described only those things that website designers and front end developers need to know, in a lucid and accessible language. He has also given plenty of examples to help newbie web designers understand the intricate features of HTML5. However, the spec is not free. You can pay $9 to read the e-book version.

#8 HTML5 Please

This is a great tool that allows you to search HTML5 features. It also offers guidance on how you should use the features in your website design project. If you have knowledge of basic HTML5 coding concepts, this tool can help you sharpen your skills.

#9 Responsivepx

If you are developing a CSS3 and HTML5 website with Media Queries, “Responsivepx” is your best friend. It helps you test the resolution of different screen sizes so that you can count on the crystal clear visibility of your site across all types of mobiles/tabs and PCs. All you need to do is plug-in your website URL and adjust the width and height of the viewport accordingly.

Try the resources mentioned above to enrich your HTML5 coding knowledge. Tell us, according to you, which resource is most useful and why?

Nitin Soni is working as a Software Developer at Cygnet-Infotech, an offshore software & responsive website  development company. For any query or suggestion stay touch with him on Twitter @MkNitin.

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