Google Classroom: Less Hassle, Less Paper And More Organized Learning

Google Classroom: Less Hassle, Less Paper And More Organized Learning

Google has unveiled its new product recently – Google Classroom.

Google Classroom is a virtual classroom where students and teachers can come together. The tool is available for those who use Google Apps for Education.

With Google Classroom teachers don’t have to go through the hassle of providing assignments and collecting papers, printing the submitted assignments or assignments themselves.

With the Classroom teachers can digitally assign work to students, share them with students, either a common file to all students or separate assignment file to each student, and also collect completed assignments – all via the Google Classroom.

There is no need for paper and the hassle of printing, distributing and collecting back.

Since Google Classroom integrates Gmail, Google Docs and The Drive, communication and organization becomes very easy. The teacher can also see who have completed the assignment and who hasn’t within the Classroom.

From the student’s view, yes they can see what assignment is due from their page because Classroom creates a separate Drive folder for each assignment.

Not just with assignments but Classrooms make communication a breeze too. Teachers and Students can comments, ask questions, make announcements in real time so the entire class can stay updated.

The tool will be rolled out to the public in September and all institutions that use Google Apps for Education will be able to use it. However currently Classroom is accepting invitation requests.

Ad free!

This is cool. Google Classroom is and will be ad free. And Google says that it will not use data from students’ updates or any Classroom content for advertising purposes.

And, Classroom will be free for schools.

This is a cool move by Google – even though Google is not monetizing the product, Google Classroom will help build Google’s brand even more and will improve its brand reach.

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