I’m watch : Android powered smartwatch

I'm watch : Android powered smartwatch

Have your imagined a wrist watch that allows you to access your calls, emails, music, notifications from facebook and text notification without compromising style, size and cost? This kind of grace to your wrist is offered by an Italian company named Blue sky.

The latest entry in the field of wrist watch is the new I’m watch powered by android which has been developed by this company.

Impressively designed I’m watch

The innovative I’m watch is designed in such a way that it does not depend on another android mobile device to run. Through WiFi, You can interact with your own information. The android version used is 1.6.

I’m watch weighs 70 grams and has a depth of 10mm. The smartwatch is equipped with Freescale IMX233 application processor. The processor can run at speeds up to 454 MHz and supports dynamic voltage frequency scaling. The power sequencing is provided by multiple linear regulator and DC-DC switching regulators.

I’m watch has a 64MB of  RAM memory and 4GB of flash storage. It has a 1.54 inched curved capacitive thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT LCD). The thin film transistor technology is employed to improve the quality of image. The curved capacitive TFT LCD has 240×240 pixel resolution.

 I’m watch has a rechargeable Li-Po 400 mAh battery. To increase the discharge current capability, the lithium ion polymer battery incorporates several identical secondary cells that are added in parallel fashion.

The battery gives a standby time of 48 hours when bluetooth connection is disabled and it offers 3 hours of talk time. You can connect your mobile phone to  I’m watch. This facility enables you to see who is calling. Apart from it, one can make a good use of the mic and speaker that is available in the watch.

I’m watch brings the world on to your wrist

I’m watch comes in various colors and it depends on the individuals to make their own choice. In addition to all this, the application can be accessed with the capacitive touch. Through pre-loaded applications, you can receive notifications from facebook, twitter and other social networking sites.

With Bluetooth protocol “Message Access Profile” (MAP), SMS notifications can be enabled through devices. Further, the stock market details, weather conditions and emails can be checked with I’m watch. All possible apps and music can be downloaded from I’m market.

However it is important to note that not all phone versions, mobile carriers and all the versions of same operating systems allow tethering. The brilliant features  of I’m watch make life simpler, smarter and much easier than we have ever imagined. The impressive device has better qualities and its price starts at €299.

This interesting accessory can be pre-ordered through Blue Sky’s official website.  I’m watch is one of the best looking attractive gadgets. The features are well demonstrated and revealed in official website. The company is hoping that I’m watch will eventually make an impact in the society in the coming years.

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    Now that is a seriously good looking wrist watch and considering the specifications a powerful tool too. Now I just need someone to buy that for me 🙂

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    Whoa!! Android everywhere?? Its getting crazy..
    Is there not even a single system better than android? Or its just that people go Crazy on hearing Android??

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    Mobile Application Development

    Wow. Looking wonderful indeed and It has android too. I would love to go for it.

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    Due to our technological advancements, most of the watches we have today offer different features to their market. Like for example the one I read from another blog, a watch with camera and video feature. Now, an android powered watch! I wonder what kind of watch will still be invented in the feature.

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    Wow. This is the first time i heard about this. This is one great innovation. I’m looking at their website right now and they do have amazing offers. Thanks for sharing!

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    Great android powered smartwatch. I wonder how advanced our technology will be in future years to come. Who knows, we might be using really small techie gadgets that we can bring anywhere we go.

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    Looks really cool! I am only worried about the size, cause I got real big fingers.. It´s hard enough for me to manouever a cell phone with touch screen, this might be a bigger challenge for me.

    Still, I like the looks of them for sure!!

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    thanks for sharing this really well content help to promote your wrist watch & i say that those are the present advanced technique that changes human life in good way.

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    The SmartWatch is a pretty interesting piece of technology and it is mobile enough to be brought along anywhere.Keep up the great piece of work, I read few content on this web site and I believe that your web blog is real interesting and contains
    circles of good information

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    WOW! Nice invention. A smartwatch like a smartphone powered by android! The world is heading to smartworld!

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    This is the incredible wrist watch with great features!

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