Interview With Anna: CEO At 4Sync

Anna CEO of 4Sync

Following our post on 4Sync, I had the privilege to interview Anna, the CEO of 4Sync. Anna is a very pleasant person who kindly agreed to answer this interview questionnaire.

And now to the interview…..

Hi Anna, please tell us about yourself

I am a Russian-born American entrepreneur and also an international development consultant. I founded my first start-up at the age of 23 and today at 28, I am the CEO at 4Sync (beta). I am also a huge tech and social media geek – I like to describe myself as a geek in heels!

Tell us the story of how 4Sync was born from 4Shared

4shared’s mission statement is: 4 The World With No Limits. 4shared gives you 15GB of space for free, more than any competitor. I decided to incorporate the same mission statement into 4sync (beta).

We know that people everywhere want file storage. 4shared has successfully been part of consumers’ everyday mobile lives around the world and we understand cultural nuances. People need to access their valued digital media wherever they are, from any device.

Cloud storage solutions don’t address the real market need: that consumers and businesses need to store and access large volumes of larger and larger-sized digital files for little or no cost. 4sync (beta) is here to save the consumer.

Originally I got involved with 4shared, the world’s largest file sharing website. I joined their team to assist them with penetrating the US market and building a stronger brand awareness in the US. 4sync (beta) was developed as one of 4shared’s add ons, to synchronize user 4shared data across all devices.

After a few months went by, we noticed how much 4shared users loved 4sync, giving it rave reviews in its very begging (Do you mean “beginning”?)  stages – we made a decision to combine 4shared with 4sync = 4shared-sync. However our users did not like the new version of the application and by popular demand we separated the two products into 4shared and 4sync (beta).

What is your role in 4Sync as a CEO and where is the project heading to?

The 4shared team was impressed with the work I’ve done thus far with 4shared and because I had previous experience in running my own online business I was appointed the CEO of 4sync (beta) in March of this year. The company was officially incorporated in the US and we opened a small office in San Francisco in June.

I am working with our development teams in Kiev and Moscow.  We are building 4sync (beta) into a powerful stand alone cloud storage solution. The  response from our customers has been nothing less than amazing. We are very close to finishing the first phase of the product and we will be launching it in September.

What advice/tip would you like to give to young entrepreneurs?

Don’t ever stop believing in yourself, and don’t be too hard on yourself, find the right balance in your life and always be grateful.

Thank you Anna for the time and the wonderful words 🙂

I hope that you have enjoyed the interview. Please share your thoughts in the comments.

11 thoughts on “Interview With Anna: CEO At 4Sync”

  1. I’m not sure that I understand properly. Can you explain me why it was said that ”we will be launching it in September”. It seems to me that 4Sync works quite well already.

    • Sam, 4sync is just in its beginning stages as a product (apart from 4shared). After months of testing we are getting VERY close to launch!

      • I have been using 4shared since long also have an account since 2008 but never heard about 4sync. Thanks a lot for the info Anna.

  2. I was actually enticed with the 15gb online storage of 4sync once it was released. Hopefully, Anna will raise 4sync to higher grounds.
    Thanks Jane for the awesome article. I will wait for the next interview with Anna about the updates this September!
    More perks I wish!

  3. Wow! I greatly admire women entrepreneurs and she is so young too. Kudos for the work done so far and may you have more success in the future. Thanks Jane, for sharing this!

  4. I really loved this interview. Very inspirational for young entrepreneurs of internet. The story of this start-up is really interesting and inspiring.

    Thank you.


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