Migration of Apps from the iPhone to the iPad!

Migration of Apps from the iPhone to the iPad

Who doesn’t love the iPad! I know that I love it and a lot of people out there who are genuinely into gadgets would find it adorable too. However, how to part with the lovely iPhone apps? The problem is sorted. You will be happy to know that migrating apps from your iPhone to a version supported by the iPad is a piece of cake!

IPhone application development has shown rapid rise currently due to the very high use of the device. But with the arrival of iPad, the market of iPhone has become a slightly slower and some users are drifting from iPhone to iPad.

This is when the need arises. People who are used to and in need of certain apps that function on the iPhone look for iPhone application development services that can help migrate these applications. Basically this means being able to convert it or enhance it, such that it can be used on the iPad as well.

The iPad

In my opinion, iPad is a fantastic little tablet. It is very similar to its look and feel to the iPhone. But its size, features and other enhancements make it a hot favourite. It has certainly got the attention of the market, and taken Apple to newer heights.

The iPad is faster in terms of processing speed and is much better in terms of performance. It offers rich graphics, wide screen, Wi-Fi, high definition picture, best resolution and many more features that deliver a much better user experience than the iPhone. Migrating iPhone apps to iPad is sure to make its performance much better and give the users an experience that will overwhelm them.

Why Migrate from iPhone to iPad?

IPhone/iPad developers make the essential changes in the applications during its development so that those apps meet all iPad requirements. Customizing the apps using latest tools and technologies is very important before migrating them to the iPad.

This ensures that the apps can deliver a brilliant performance and is seamless in nature. Of course only highly skilled iPhone app developers will be able to deliver a flawless migration, but there are quite a few companies across the globe that offers these services (pay attention to their credibility before you hire one).

Large screen and multi-touch features support you to get the best business dealings. My personal favourite reason for using migrating iPhone apps to iPad is the stunning feel! I mean, think of it! You love the app because it is fantastic. Now imagine that great application running on a much larger screen, at a hugely better resolution, in a phenomenally smooth way.

Migration of applications is a very solution, because it saves a lot of expense, and of course time. It is always better to modify and update the existing application rather than creating a new one from scratch.

The iPhone Application Development team uses numerous mobile development tools to ensure a flawless application migration. Extensive understanding and knowledge in this field is a must when it comes to doing it the right way.

Favourite Apps that are migrated from the iPhone to iPad

  • Gaming
  • Business
  • Sports
  • Utility
  • Lifestyle
  • Music
  • Multimedia
  • News
  • Entertainment


It will be safe to say that the world is moving towards a more “mobile” approach. Having said this, it is imperative, that newer technology is always going to invade the world and people will welcome it with open arms.

In this case, it is best to develop applications which are readily upgradable or ones that can be easily upgraded from one version to another. This will ensure that you end up spending much less time and money on the existing apps and can venture into developing newer ones.

Enjoy the world of gadget that Apple has given us, and migrate to the iPad!

Samuel is an expert mobile application developer who is currently working with VitebMobileApp.

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  1. iPhone application development has taken quick growth nowadays due to very high use of device. But with the advent of iPad, the market of iPhone has been a little low and some users are migrating from iPhone to iPad. The tablet iPad is nowadays more in demand now and professional iPhone app developers can accomplish successful migration of apps if you own one. 🙂

  2. Nice article.!
    Since I don’t have the iPad till yet but i will be using this knowledge once i get an ipad for myself

  3. Since iPhone and iPad has a high memory you can install any kind application that you want on your iPhone or iPad and most application and games has a good features and graphics that you really enjoy.

  4. @David, @Sarthak Kaushik, @Kinney, @sum, @Nicks
    When we talk about choosing between the iPad and the Android tablet, the most natural preference is iPad. probably because of the trust and the superior technology offered by Apple. However, in terms of Operating system, Android too seems to be winning hearts…

  5. Hey Samuel, Thanks for the article.The apps found in the appstore are classy and are found in enormous numbers.With increasing trend for ipad those apps are made compatible for these too with responsive webdesigns.The reasons are pretty well listed out and one could read this out to a clear view on the topic.I liked reading this post and hopefully would like to bookmark it for you.

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  6. Thank you @Edward, @Laura, @Jane. I guess whatever we see today in terms of technology is awaiting another big shift. Mostly i wonder, that since the iPad and the iPad mini are already here, what the next big thing will be in the world of technology.

  7. I simply love the iPad but haven’t been able to justify one til now. The Mini looks to have opened this up as it’s a lot more affordable. With Christmas on the Way, I may just get one. Somewhat better than my iPod touch and not that much more to buy either. Migrating is, as with the iPhone, pretty easy.

  8. The iPhone is far from just a consumer device however, and more businesses are incorporating the iPhone as a business tool. The app store contains plenty of very useful business applications, but iPhone applications development companies are also creating customized apps built to suit specific needs of clients.

  9. Hi there. iPad is very famous among youngsters as it has the best features as a tablet. Nice post to upgrade from iPhone to iPad. Thank You so much.

  10. iPad got bigger screen size compare to iPhone which provides better user experience to the users. When it comes to games iPad have upper hand over iPhone.

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    Oh man great article for migrating apps from iPhone to the iPad.Really i never heard about migrating apps.But know about well.Also i’m going to share this with my friends.Great post.Keep it up

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    thanx for letting me know that now i can use all my iphone application in my latest bought ipad too.I am high right now thank you Samuel

  13. Great post. Creating universal apps that works on both iPhone and iPad is not easy. It requires a bit of attention to details and lots of testing.

  14. Hi Jane. Rocking post. Mobile App development is just booming, especially iOS. Very nice post. I appreciate it. Keep sharing like this. 🙂



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