Google Develops Siri like Application to Control TV

Google Develops Siri like Application to Control TV

Google, the search engine giant has many products to its credit. Google+ is being expanded in recent weeks, and many products are being strengthened.

Google TV which was conceived by Google by taking support from Intel, Sony and Logitech, is a versatile product.

Google TV is integrated with Android based operating systems and comes with Linux version of Google Chrome browser. Google has developed an interface to control television features on Android based mobile phones.

The interface resembles Apple’s voice recognition interface, Siri. Google went ahead to file a patent to this new technology. Even though the development is in beta stage, it has created ripples in tech circles. Let us find more about this project.

Google TV is a smart TV program introduced by Google in the year, 2010. It is to be differentiated from other kinds of TVs. Smart TV is the integration of internet connectivity and web 2.0 standards with modern television sets and set-top boxes.

Google TV has its focus to present media retrieved from the internet. Before the introduction of Smart TV system, the data is usually captured from PC and then presented on High-definition Television by connecting PC with a cable. With Google TV, it is possible to view movies, videos and photos directly on your television screens.

Google Develops Voice Controlled TV

Google has developed the voice interface by incorporating intelligent voice and data capturing features. You will be able to turn on and off the TV. You can change channels and many more things can be achieved by simply issuing voice commands.

Users will be able to issue commands from more than 400 meters from the television screen. Google’s application uses cloud based mechanism to process the command. It is possible to control set-top box, Smart TV and DVR, etc.

This new development creates interest in entertainment industry. As a matter of fact, Lenovo and Samsung have already experimented to control TV by issuing voice commands. Lenovo had introduced voice enabled television while Samsung achieved success by delivering remote control that can process voice commands.

The new interface presented by Google TV will let users to set reminder as well. In this way, you will not miss a program of your choice. You can configure settings to record a movie when you are not able to view at the telecasted time.

Although Samsung has made some progress in deploying touch based screen, Google TV has more user-friendly controls to enjoy your television in a more romantic way.

The Future of Voice Controlled Televisions

The big players in the market, Samsung, LG and Sony are likely to support Google TV project by incorporating necessary features to take advantage of new enhancements made by Google.

It is true that Google TV is improving a lot and in future many more value-added services are likely to be clubbed along-with voice recognition features.

Even though the voice based features are in the testing phase, Google would like to take advantage of the future prospects. It is also another way of complimenting its dedicated and innovative associates who are the driving force behind the huge success of Google as number one technology service provider in the world.

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  1. Wow … its really amazing to operate TV via voice commands ! After the android @home project, this one seems to be pretty amazing

  2. Thanks for sharing this review on Google TV. For sure that it will also be helpful to businesses out there to use it in enhancing their businesses.

  3. I do love this competition between technology giants. It is inspiring more innovative technologies and end users are getting tremendous benefits because of that. Google TV looks really cool and will definitely change the way we use TV.

  4. Its interesting to control tv through voice…..siri like app introduced by google but hardships on installing…….overall its really nice to have such a nice tv with a great app………

  5. This should be really cool. If it is connected through your pc could you sit in your easy chair and work on your computer in between watching tv? This would be great.

  6. Wow…this is something we always wanted to have on our TV. I have never been able to try Apple TV, but I’ve always love Siri. I wish Apple also follows the same footstep and integrate Siri in Apple TV and iPad too.

    I will pass ‘Google TV’ as I trust Apple over Google 😉

  7. Google is developing more n’ more product for customers ans because of popularity and creativity of Google it is flying in market. Google TV I love it but if there is a

  8. Fantastic, i like it so much. having seeing that the competitions from both developer, it is much positive result in our side to choose which is more valuable to use.

  9. Google is definitely the big guerrilla when it comes to the internet, and with a TV that allows you to view movies, videos and photos directly from your television will set the as the King Kong of internet.


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