Developers Make More Money through Amazon Appstore

Developers Make More Money through Amazon Appstore

Mobile applications are versatile. Readily available applications will let you perform various tasks. There are different categories of applications serving the needs of various customers. While some applications expand your entertainment horizon some enhance your productivity.

Applications are available in different categories like, games, entertainment, education, internet, utilities, etc. It is not only end users who are benefitted through these innovative applications but also developers who are making decent money from their efforts. Amazon Appstore has become the prime spot to showcase developer’s imaginations.

Amazon Scores Better than Android

It is interesting to find that Amazon store fares better than Android market in terms of realization of income for developers. Developers are able to make money by selling their products on Amazon store than on Android market.

As a matter of fact, Android application’s premium versions have little success in the market. It is also true that Android phones have access to more free applications than available for iPhones. Applications made available on Amazon store will be thoroughly tested for their safety and security.

Those who are purchasing applications from Amazon store can take advantage of extensive reviews available on each and every application. In this way subscribers are able to purchase quality applications which are free from virus and other malicious code.

Even though Amazon’s application store is established just one year ago, the appstore is able to attract enough customers. There is a fourfold increase in recent months. Even though Android market is fourteen times that of the current Amazon appstore, Amazon is growing fast to consolidate its position.

More than 65% of the applications posted on Amazon are paid applications and the same figures are maintained for the past seven months. In contrast, a mere 32% of the applications hosted by Android market belong to paid applications.

In terms of price, Amazon applications are cost effective. Applications capable of offering similar kind of functionalities fares better in Amazon store than in Android zone.

Amazon Appstore provides Scope for Developers to Grow

The number of downloads from Amazon increased drastically in recent months especially when Kindle Fire was launched. Developers who can brand applications as per the requirements set by Amazon can take advantage of more sales from the site.

Various factors will attribute to the success of an application like the interface, discounts and promotions undertaken.

If developers want to make more money there is no requirement to stick to one party like Amazon Appstore or Android market. Wherever their efforts are monetized there they will present applications so that they can make the most out of their efforts.

On the other hand, it is a big plus for Amazon Appstore which is less than one year old. The success of Amazon Appstore indicates that there are eager customers who like to pay for quality applications.

Developers can take advantage of customer’s requirements by being able to understand their requirements. Emerging applications should be able give more power to customers.

If developers are able to deliver applications that can not only increase productivity but also save precious time and efforts of end users, there will be lot of scope for paid applications as well. It will be interesting to watch how Android market will try to woo developers!

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  1. With the competition that arises between amazon appstore and android for sure end users will be more benefited. With the competition that are having from the two for sure that they are going to do better improvements in which will give them a big help when use in their respective businesses and niche.

  2. Amazon app store will definitely do well, Because of the more income opportunities it will definitely attract more app developers as well. As you said it’s a matter of providing quality applications, because people are willing to spend on quality.

  3. I believe why the Amazon Appstore especially the kindle fire fear so great because people believe in Amazon products quality

  4. I been a fan of android market, but now I am totally tired of stupid apps from android market that doesn’t work a bit. If the apps from Amazon store are really tested for safety and full-functionality, it would obviously do much better than android market. there’s no doubt about it.

  5. Jane I did not know about Amazon Store yet, can i download aplication for my android from this store?And its nice you are providing fresh information to your reader. . .


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