Quality Tablets for an Affordable Price

Quality Tablets for an Affordable Price

The tablet market is booming. Some analysts are predicting that in just a few years more tablets will be sold than desktop PCs. Nor is it just the iPad that’s selling?

Certain android tablets are beginning to make a splash as well. But with more and more tablets being sold, consumers are more eager than ever to get the best deal.

In this article, we’ll consider whether and how it’s possible to get a quality tablet for an affordable price.


Let’s start with the iPad – the world’s most popular tablet. On one hand, 3 million new iPads were sold in the first weekend, on the other hand, there were some consumers who complained about the price, which starts at $499 for the 16GB version.

What to do? Users who have their heart set on an iPad but don’t want to fork out $500 have one other option – buy iPad 2 slates instead. Many stores (including Walmart, Best Buy and the Apple store itself) now offer the 16GB iPad 2 for $399 – a hundred dollars less than the Retina-equipped new model.

If you really want to save money, you may even consider getting a used model – many of these can be found at Amazon in almost perfect condition.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire

The good news, though, is that the iPad is not the only quality tablet on the market right now. And if you look outside Apple, you’ll begin to notice a number of lower-price alternatives. Perhaps the best of these at the moment is Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Like the iPad, the Kindle Fire provides a fast browser and full-color experience whilst allowing you to watch videos and consume content in a highly satisfying manner.

And, significantly, the Kindle Fire is $300 cheaper than the new iPad. If you’re looking for a quality tablet for an affordable price, the Kindle Fire is arguably your best bet. (Gadget fans who wish to compare the Kindle Fire with the iPad can read more here).

Google and Microsoft set to Launch their Tablets

But what if you don’t want to go with Apple or Amazon? Well, if you want to stay within the realm of tech giants, you may wish to wait for Microsoft and Google, both of whom are said to be launching an alternative to the iPad.

Their tablets – set for release later this year – will (reportedly) be at least a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than the new iPad. How cheap will they be exactly? It seems nobody is sure. Initially, there was speculation that the Google tablet would cost just $149, making it even more affordable than the Kindle Fire.

However, recent reports suggest that Google may be forced to sell their tablet for the same price as Amazon’s tablet, given the cost of production. In any case, consumers can hope to get their hands on it later in the summer.

Tablet from Microsoft

What about Microsoft? Their plan is apparently to release a number of Windows 8 based tablets later in the year as well. It seems that like Google, Microsoft wishes to make tablets more affordable by selling the Windows 8 models for less than $300.

However, it is currently rather difficult to say exactly what these tablets will be like. Some commentators have questioned whether they can really be of the highest-quality, given the inevitable restrictions on screen-size and resolution.

For one of the trade-offs of a lower-price tablet is a smaller screen and (potentially) a lower-quality display.

In short, we can see that more and more companies are seeking to offer high-quality tablets at an affordable price.

For die-hard Apple fans, one way to save money is to invest in an iPad 2. Those who wish to cut costs even further would do well to consider Amazon’s Kindle Fire (the current king of Android tablets).

It remains to be seen whether Google and Microsoft can offer viable alternatives to the iPad and Fire whilst selling their tablets for less than $300.

Jeff Young is a frequent guest poster on technology and gadget blogs. He focuses mainly on tablets and tracks the latest developments within the tablet market and industry

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  1. Another feature of PC tablets that can be perfect to use is Acer Iconia A501. This 10.1 inch tablet is supported with Android 3.0.

  2. I’m glad to see Amazon Kindle Fire challenging iPhones. It’s overpriced and as an alternative the Kindle is more than enough.

  3. I guess there are alot of tablets that is more nice than the ipad. Ipad just know because of it is made from the company apple but to think there are more tablets that is useful and offers alot of features than ipad.

  4. I don’t know if you already know but Microsoft have just announced their new tablet called Microsoft Surface. It seems pretty interesting but not a lot of information has been revealed just yet.

    I have an iPad, though, and do plan on sticking to this.

  5. I think from all tablets, i would still prefer tablets from Samsung than other tablets out there, even iPad. I know Samsung GALAXY Tab is not as elegant as iPad, or not fast as Nexus tablet or not sophisticated as Microsoft Surface tablet. But what i like from Samsung tablet is its build quality. I mean, drop tests already proved that Samsung GALAXY Tab 2 can survive in all drop tests without any crack on the screen, while iPad’s scree will easily crack if it hits the ground. I think that’s enough to convince me to buy Samsung tablet. I’m actually not a big fan of Samsung devices especially with their designs, i like Sony devices to be honest. But Samsung tablets are so affordable but they are really strong. Amazon Kindle Fire can be a great tablet, especially the latest Kindle Fire HDX. But its design is a meh for me. But Kindle Fire HDX is a powerful and fast tablet though.

  6. I found HP Slate 7 Extreme as a great affordable tablet to buy. I mean, it has a powerful Tegra 4 processor, HD display, good 5MP rear cameras, stock Android UI and it’s also amazing for playing heavy games. I also love the fact that this tablet is also equipped with an amazing stylus which its technology is developed by N-Trig, the company that is also responsible for the great stylus on Surface tablet. And amazingly, it just costs $199 for the 16GB model.


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