Kindle Fire or iPad: Which one is hotter?

Kindle Fire or iPad: Which one is hotter?

It wasn’t much of a surprise when Amazon released its tablet Kindle Fire, many recognized it as a competitor to the iPad. Amazon has been the leader in online retail space for quite some time, but its more recent additions have been gaining attention from people.

The tablet market was an opportunity for Amazon. It built an end-to-end experience which covered hardware, software and content. Let’s make a comparison of Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Apple’s iPad on their features.

Kindle Fire’s Spec.

Resembling similar to RIM’s Blackberry playbook, the Kindle Fire sports a 7 inch screen with a 600×1024 pixel resolution that has a comfortable rubberized and matte casing around the back and the edges.

There are no buttons on the face of the device.  The power button is placed closely to the headphone jack and the micro USB charging port.

In order to keep the design simple and smooth, the design has only two tiny speakers at the top.
There is no camera in Kindle Fire while iPad has two cameras designed for a face time video calling. This means there is no option of a video chat in Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire runs a modified a version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Amazon has laid a special focus on the cloud accelerated “split browser” which goes by the name silk.

It hopes that web pages will get loaded faster and give the user a seamless browsing experience with a well-rounded email app.
Though Amazon claimed 7.5 hours battery life with wi-fi off, users were able to get only 6 hours of battery life. However Amazon’s video offerings seems to be pretty competitive when compared to itunes.

Also music can be directly brought on Kindle Fire and they can also be transferred via USB port.

With 8GB of internal storage, it is said that this storage is enough for 80 applications with an option to the user to store 10 movies or 800 songs or 6000 books.

iPad’s Spec.

Apple’s iPad has dual core A5 chip with up to nine times the graphic performance and is light in weight. The game play is more smooth and realistic with an amazing ten hour battery life.

The sensibility in iPad is way too good. It recognizes multi-touch and has the world’s most advanced mobile operating system iOS4.
Every iPad is built with an advanced 802.11 wireless technology. The iPad has a built-in accelerometer where the three axis gyroscope and compass work together. The gamers can have an epic win with this feature.

The 64GB memory space is an added plus in iPad. However the cost of iPad is high when compared to Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire or iPad?

Likewise a coin has two sides; these tablets have their own advantages and disadvantages. It solely lies on the user’s requirements.
While Kindle Fire may appeal users for its content from Amazon, price considerations and for people who cannot afford more money for an easily portable tablet.  Apple has a greater advantage as it allows creating media and also consuming it. It’s very large memory space is another feature

What means more to you?

4 thoughts on “Kindle Fire or iPad: Which one is hotter?”

  1. Kindle fire is really a good tablet. I had the chance to see this gadget in action and the web browsing is extremely fast. However in my opinion, i still prefer iPad because of it’s firmware and the durability of it’s hardware.

  2. I guess many people still recognized the power of ipad so I consider it more compared to kindle fire. Though for some sites, they are promoting kindle fire for their ebook products.

  3. This will certainly be a big hit among smartphone users and definitely something to look forward to. But for me its ipad.


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