Author+ plugin with attractive features from WordPress

Author+ plugin with attractive features from WordPress

WordPress launched Author+ plugin  to maximize conversion of your author pages into resourceful content. Author+ plugin offers a range of features at an attractive pricing.  Author+ plugin is a stepping stone to convert your blogs into a powerful digital media empire.

The earlier pages have no much relevance to your blog readers or authors or search engines. Fortunately, now you can’t miss search engine train with Author+ plugin.

Author+ plugin features

Author+ plugin offers three important features. They are Author bio feature, Google rich snippets and Top author pages.

Author bio feature

Author bio feature of author+ plugin converts author pages into content rich pages. Now the information is more comprehensive. Authors can provide more details about themselves.

By providing more information about authors themselves, they can promote themselves and they can give a better picture to the audience.

And, quite naturally, audience will be interested to know about the author who made a difference in their lives.  As users can find more details about authors, they can comment on the blog and encourage the author by giving positive feedback.

There is nothing more inspiring for a serious blogger (author) than hearing the audience tone. Active dialogue between the author and readers take your blog a long way towards success.

Google rich text snippet

Google rich text snippet helps present a better listing in Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP) which stands out in the crowd and increases the click through rate (CTR) of your page.

By using Author+ plugin you can not only ensure your blog posts but also author pages quite compatible with ‘Google rich text snippet’.

It is already proven that Google rich text snippets have brought more CTR to your blogs. Your traffic to the site will increase and your blog pages get more exposure.

Top authors pages

Rewarding regular contributors to your blog posts will not only create significance and fresh enthusiasm but also help you present quality content to your audience. It is possible to create and manage multiple author pages.

It is also possible to reward your top authors with listings on prominent places on your blog. Using Author+ plugin you can create these pages quickly and easily with a single line of code.

Another happy note is that you don’t need to spend any time on these pages as there is no need of maintenance on these pages.

Author+ plugin with money back guarantee

The features of author+ plugin are easily controlled with an easy to use page within the WordPress administrative panel. Coming to the price, Author+ premium plugin is available at $25 with unlimited site use (a license that can be used on any site you wish).

It will be helpful to experiment on various blogs catering to diverse audience based on a category or a niche.

Substantial freebies are offered in the form of lifetime preferential product support for any issues you may face in future and free updates are provided with  author+ plugin.

It is to be noted that the price of the author+ plugin may go up as more new features will be added in the coming days.

You will be provided with a free bonus video showing how to get the most from the plugin. Author+ plugin is available with 30 day money back guarantee.

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  1. Rick text snippets definitely increases CTR but they are not that easy to implement, so its great to see the plugin handling those things.


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