iOS users in Australia are still facing issues with the latest update of the iOS 8.0.2

iOS users in Australia are still facing issues with the latest update of the iOS 8.0.2

Apple has launched the iOS 8.0.2 on Thursday to eradicate several bugs and glitches that were experienced by users using the iOS 8.0.1.

Users of the brand new iOS 8 have had a troublesome experience of using it. Some of the issues that the users complained of were wireless connectivity bugs, high battery usage, a sluggish performance from Safari and various other errors and glitches.

The iOS 8.0.1 update was released as a fix for several bugs in the iOS 8 such as the Safari web browser bug, the issue with HealthKit apps and the problem of cellular data usage. However, after installing the update users faced several problems such as connection problems with their cellular networks using the innovative Touch ID fingerprint feature. As a response to these problems, Apple had to withdraw the update and inturn promised its customers that they will release another update to fix all of the aforementioned bugs and issues.

The iOS 8.0.2 is the promised update which should have fixed all the issues that users faced with the iOS 8.0.1 and its predecessor. However, some users, especially those based in Australia have said that the bugs are still very much present as they are still facing issues with cellular connectivity and several Touch ID problems. However, unlike its predecessors the issues and bugs on the 8.0.2 are not very widespread and some users have in fact given positive reviews on the update.

As of now, we can’t say whether the 8.0.2 is really the fix to the problems of its predecessors, however as more users update to the iOS 8.0.2 we should be able to.

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