IOS 8 adoption rate increases to reach 45 percent

IOS 8 adoption rate increases to reach 45 percent

The number of users opting for the iOS 8 is increasing by the day as the adoption rate for the iOS 8 has reached 44.5 percent.

According to figures released by Mixpanel, a firm of mobile analytics, the brand new OS from Apple has had a healthy adoption rate since its inception. However, it has not been able to eclipse the adoption rate that was reached by its predecessor the iOS 7 at this time of last year. It has only been twenty days since the latest in the iOS family has been released and is already getting good response from customers.  However, the number of users still using the iOS 7 is quite high, and with an adoption percent of 51, is more than iOS 8 users. The rest are still using even older versions of iOS.

Apart from that, the iOS 8 is also not as popular as the iOS 7, as it had an adoption rate of around 14.2 percent on the day that it was launched compared to iOS 7’s 15 percent. Also, after twenty days of its release iOS 7 had reached an incredible 69.7 percent adoption rate compared to iOS 8’s 44.5 percent according to Mixpanel.

One of the primary reasons for the fall in the popularity in Apple’s brand new OS is the several technical glitches that have plagued the operating system since its release. To fix the bugs found on the iOS 8 Apple had released an updated 8.0.1 version, however, the updated version had much more problems compared to its predecessor and Apple was forced to withdraw that update to release another 8.0.2 update which is a much more stable version although some problems still persist.

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