iPad Mini Or Nexus 7: Let’s Do A Comparison

iPad Mini Or Nexus 7: Let's Do A Comparison

Tablets are entertaining young and old. There are a number of tablets launched by various companies. Tablets are versatile to read books, play games and make video calls.

It should be easy for you to carry when you travel from one place to another place. It is difficult for customers to figure out the best.

There are a number of customers who are well satisfied with Google Nexus 7. After the entry of iPad Mini, these customers are glued to iPad Mini.

As such, there is close competition between Apple’s iPad Mini and Google’s Nexus 7. This necessitates the comparison between them. Let us check which fares well and what terms.

Best build quality

It is true that Nexus 7 is a value for money product. At the same time, iPad Mini comes with compelling features justifying its price and its reputation.

iPad Mini comes with a solid build. Even though Google ties up with Asus, it cannot beat the strong dominance of iPad Mini in terms of build quality.

If you can spend time on Nexus 7 as well as on iPad Mini, you can experience the level of sophistication that was delivered through Apple.


ipad mini

In terms of software accomplishment, iPad Mini fares well. As a proud owner of iPad Mini owner, you can take advantage of the number of Android applications that are readily available on the App Store.

The apps which work on iPad can be readily deployed on iPad Mini as well. App Store is full of versatile applications that can serve both tablets and Smartphones. Nexus 7 comes with a number of applications which are not customized.

Even though Android offers innovative applications, a number of creative applications in premium segment will first reach the App Store. There are some good applications on Google Play as well which didn’t get an entry to the App Store as well.


In terms of hardware specifications there is room for improvement with iPad Mini. As happens with earlier Apple products, it takes time to improve the quality of hardware.

Nexus 7 also fails in this matter as it cannot come with impressive specifications. Nexus 7 comes with a better screen resolution. It is ideal for book reading.


Google Nexus 7 comes to $199 in 16 GB, $249 in 32 GB and $299 in 32 GB plus HSPA+. iPad Mini is priced $329 at 16GB, $429 at 32 GB and $529 at 64 GB. With the exception of the rear facing camera, Google Nexus 7 has more or less similar kind of features.

Best of Nexus 7

google nexus 7

  • Feel factor from the rear end of the device. It truly looks like a driving glove.
  • You can manage with a single hand
  • Perfect for reading with 16:9 screen (iPad Mini comes with 4:3)
  • Android Jelly Bean 4.1 operating system

Best of iPad Mini

  • Thin and light weight
  • Better gaming experience
  • Comes with a rear facing camera
  • iOS 6 operating systems


Even though iPad Mini does not have Retina display as is expected by many Apple fans, it fares well in terms of the build quality and the bounty of applications. Thus, it has the capacity to beat the Google Nexus 7 even though iPad Mini stands in the premium segment.

iPad Mini is very thin and light in weight. It can fit in your pocket and it gives you more comfort. If you had already invested heavily on Android applications, you can stick to Google Nexus 7.

On the other hand, if you are an Apple fan, you can take advantage of the iOS applications that you might have purchased for Smartphone. Those applications can be installed on your tablets without any difficulty.

iPad Mini comes with decent features. Had it been launched with retina display and at a better price, iPad Mini would have been an absolute choice for many new customers.

16 thoughts on “iPad Mini Or Nexus 7: Let’s Do A Comparison”

  1. This is really interesting comparison between iPad Mini and Nexus 7 but the one thing that I don’t like about Nexus is it’s OS which is quite simple, if there’s some interesting customization, it would be much pleasure like Sony, HTC and Samsung.

  2. Tablets are best while travelling for entertainment and everything. iPad mini is the best one I have seen, I don’t own one but my friend has it.

  3. Hi Jane,

    Nice post as always. Yes you concluded well that iPad mini is the best in quality and bounty of applications. But in terms of price it couldn’t do well. So only people who have more money can afford it.

  4. In my opinion, the iPad is definitely overpriced but with it’s brand image, you’re expecting quality and function. The new tablets in the market like Nexus still need to build their name.

  5. I’m not really a die-hard fan of Apple, I’d really thing a Nexus 7 is worth the penny you’re spending, the feature and speed is definitely up-to-par. Plus, the iPadisn’t really ‘for the regular joe’ it’s too overpriced!

  6. This would make greta gifts for the holidays! So thankful that you have made a dupe comparison of the two units. I never thought they could perform and impress you so differently.

  7. I realized that this is a review, so I’m taking noted whilst reading your article. Isn’t it very thoughtful that you posted a very helpful comparative article such as this? Thanks so much!

  8. I guess the iPad is made of better materials but I’ve always been fond of have the built Apps for Google products such as one click access to my Gmail. I’ve seen speed comparison on these two on Youtube as well and the Google Nexus seemed quicker for browsing the web.

  9. Hi Jane I think a big problem is once you buy one apple product they suck you in with how they all connect together so well you just start looking at apple and nothing else. Or that is what happened to me any way so I would choose the mini straight away good or bad.

    Thanks lee

  10. Apple’s always been producing quality and rich products for its fans. Coming to this comparison, Nexus 7 is really a beautiful gadget but the iPad mini takes it all. It is so elegant and stunning.

  11. I’ll go for Nexus 7 because I like the android over iOS. Android has more features and you can customize it or install a custom on it.

  12. As per the technology this Ipad mini is used by many people around this world. Even thought it is not perfect and user friendly. It creates the different environment rather compared to the nexus-7

  13. the iPad is definitely overpriced but with it’s brand image, you’re expecting quality and function. The new tablets in the market like Nexus still need to build their name.

  14. Among these Nexus 7 is the best one according to me. Nexus 7 is awesome I have been using for 6 months. Apple always manufactured quality products and sensible products


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