iPhone Safety Tips: How To Keep Your Precious iPhone Safe?

iPhone Safety Tips

The best way to keep your iPhone working properly is to keep your it safe. A lot of people don’t know the value of an iPhone. The truth is that not many bother to keep it safe.

I had a friend of mine who got a brand new iPhone as a gift from her brother and not knowing how sensitive the phone is, she had put it in her bike under the seat space without a casing.

Alas! During the summer, the phone had to be taken to trash as it was exposed to heat from the engine.

Here are some of the basic iPhone safety tips to help you keep your precious iPhone safe.

Always put your iPhone screen cover on

Protect your iphone from scratches and cracks using a screen cover. Having a thicker screen will help you further.

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Many recommend to keep the iPhone’s screen facing your body while keeping it in your pocket, since it would prevent scratches that can be sometimes accidental.

iPhone cases are special

iPhone is very sensitive. It’s screen can break when you drop it from distance of 1ft or 2 ft. Cases can be used to prevent your screen from breaking. It’s better to protect your iPhone than to be sorry later.

My personal recommendations are the rubber cases since they can absorb shock in an efficient manner.

Keep it far from water

I mean really far!

When asked any iPhone technician, he would say that the main thing that spoils an iPhone is when it is exposed to water. The logic board can get damaged due to corrosion.

I’ve found many people using zip lock packets which allows them to use in the rain.

Keep your iPhone at the right place for safety reasons

Remember, the parts in the iPhone are susceptible to heat and some parts can melt when exposed to extreme weather.

As I said before about how my friend lost her iPhone, it is better not to leave your phone on the car or bike, keep it with you always and never leave it unattended in public.

Keep you information secure

Start using the password protect feature of the phone. It helps you a lot when someone tries to access your information that is stored on the phone. You can also simply lock your phone. It’s the easiest job.

Trust me, locking your phone is just another way that makes your iPhone secure. A person who has locked the phone has no worries about others peeking into it.

Buy insurance for your iPhone

iPhone insurance is a great idea for people who would love to keep their iPhone safe. There are several insurers in the market who provide phone policies protecting your phone from accidental damage or theft.

Policies usually run on a small price ranging from $15-$40 a year. Finding traditional insurance companies will help you out. Sadly, Apple and AT&T doesn’t provide insurance to iPhone.

iPhone Safety takeaway

Don’t think that nothing can happen to your phone as your take care of it. Most problems are just basic.

However, even when you do all these stuffs, accidents do happen all of a sudden.

An insurance policy is the best way to protect your phone from theft, damages caused due to a spill. Make sure you buy an insurance policy that fits your pocket.

And be always vigilant in using and handling your iPhone. Take utmost care and treat your iPhone really precious, if you think so!

6 thoughts on “iPhone Safety Tips: How To Keep Your Precious iPhone Safe?”

  1. Hi, Jane:

    iPhone insurance is a good idea as is getting a good case. If you spend a bit more on a high quality case you should be safe from spills, drips and cracks. Invest wisely.


  2. Hi really informative blog
    Must admit came across your blog looking for I pad case. Thought I would have a look as I have an I phone. All I have is a screen protector and that is it. Regularly have mine on a cradle in the car in hot weather never even considered how sensitive it would be to the heat. Have always been careful not to drop mine. But now think I will grat a rubber cover for it. Also will keep it out of the sun.

    So thanks again very useful post.

  3. iPhones are very sensitive and should really be give extra care. I do take care of my iphone since it is very important to me and the price is quite a lot as well.


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