Kinect’s new party game – Motion Explosion! Hitting this fall


With kinect games you can show magic and feel magic. These are new generation of entertaining and inspiring games allowing you play games by putting your whole body and voice into action. These games are enjoyed by both children and youth. You may wonder how it is possible!

Well, kinect tracks your whole body using a set of motion sensors. It keeps tracking you while you are playing. You cannot limit yourself to sit on a couch anymore. You can use most of your body parts like hands, legs, head, waist and hips to control movements on the screen. Kinect has transformed the way game is played and controlled by replacing traditional controls with hands free setup.

A whole new lot of kinect games are expected to flood the market by this fall. ‘Motion Explosion’, a new party game is expected to be launched in the first week of October, 2011. It comes from the same entertainment sensation, Majesco which delivered Zumba Fitness and Hulk Hogan’s Main Event.

Motion Explosion has similar descriptions of Mind ‘n Motion, the game announced by the same company. Motion Explosion is packed with 12 games while each game has 10 levels. You can use inverse controls, control at a brisk pace and has many new tricks to control the game with different set of body movements. The game can be best enjoyed by people who don’t want to be confined on to their chairs but want to make free moves.

Motion Explosion can be enjoyed by the whole family. You can turn your living room into a living sensation by inviting your friends and guests. The game can be played by two to four people, so there is ample chance to bring competitive spirit from the participants. The game offers whole lot of new things and one should be extremely sensitive and proactive to achieve things in time. You need to use your legs, hands, body and other parts to meet various requirements.

You will know how to multi-task and be more efficient in delivering the tasks in time and thus achieving high scores. As a matter of fact, once you create your profile, the motion sensors create an avatar (a replica of your image) and keep track of your past performance automatically. When you come to play for the next time, Kinect identifies who you are and can trace all your past achievements and help you face new challenges.

The game plan includes simple control schemes to complex coordination and body reflexes. As for any game, timing is crucial to keep going and to move on to next levels. The game demands much of your physical movements and mental abilities. It’s really a great experience to control objects and achieve things as per your requirements by using your body movements.

While the brains behind the new gaming technologies should be lauded for their pioneering and explorative capabilities, the familiarity and crack the nut abilities of serious gamers will stir this gaming sphere to an altogether new level of entertainment! How do you feel?

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