LG A530 3D Gaming Laptop

LG A530 3D Gaming Laptop

As the computational power rises exponentially and not linearly, so does the rate of change. This is no exception in case of personal computers which are used for gaming purposes. Tagged as one of the most heavily engineered portable devices in the world, gaming laptops are equipped with powerful desktop processors, big high-res screens, beefy graphic chips and plenty of memory.

The best gaming laptops should be encompassed with a powerful hardware and at the same time they should be portable enough to be carried to a friend’s place or LAN party. Though some systems provide Jaw-dropping performance and awesome specifications, they have a poor battery life. It lies in the hands of the individual to choose the gaming notebook that fits his requirements.

Joining the list of Alienware, Asus and Toshiba, LG has announced a new 3D capable laptop for those with itchy virtual trigger fingers, the LG A530 to its computing line-up. It has a second generation Intel core processor, with the user’s choice of having either i3, i4 or i7 processor. The LG A530 sports 1920×1080 HD 3D resolution or 1600×900 HD+ or 1366×788 HD 3D LCD display with a screen span of 15.6”. The 3D glass uses FPR technology i.e. Film patterned retarder which makes the image brighter and provides less flickering when viewed through the active shutter glasses.

Serious gamers are obsessed with graphics. Technology in the gaming world, like everywhere else is changing at a rapid pace. This has made LG to equip this gaming notebook with a NVIDA GT555 Geforce graphic card with DDR3 2048MB and another GT555 with DDR3 1024MB and a hard drive with data up to 750MB. This Double-data-rate three synchronous dynamic random access memory (DDR3) enables the user to maximize the memory size of 16 gigabytes. There is also one fancy hybrid hard drive with 8GB of solid storage packed in order to boost the performance of the 750GB hard drive. The camera might be a HD webcam or dual cameras for 3D video capturing.

To fill all the 3D stereoscopic needs, a 3D dual webcam and built-in 3D software are embedded in it. This user interface can find all the 3D video, photo, games and movies for the playback on the 3D notebook. The software part houses  LG smart application that consists of a smart recovery, smart Indicator, LG intelligent update, LG media fantasia, an Arcsoft web companion for 2D and 3D, a smart page, power manager suite and office 2010 starter along with Norton internet security 2011 (A trial version for 90 days).

Designed with brushed aluminum finish in Ebony black, with a dimension of 375.0×249.0×33.0 – 35.44mm and weighing 2.55kg, the notebook has Bluetooth versions 3.0 +HS or 2.1 +EDR and a 7 in 1 multimedia card. The company is still mum on the price and the notebook is expected to be launched by the end of August in UK following the middle-east nations and Africa. The American consumers will just have to wait for some more time.

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    Vacation Rentals

    AlienWare is really a damn good gaming device with high graphical interface and superb configuration. Love this article and Love this device as m a game freak. Thanks for sharing. Good Luck. 🙂

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      Yup I’ve always heard amazing reviews on Alienware. Well thanks 🙂 this article is for all those game freaks out there 🙂

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    How we can entertain 3D.Is there 3D glass?What type of Games we need?3D or Ordinary

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    Emma Saxton

    WOW. Really awesome gaming device. I almost prefer AlienWare is amazing for high regulation and configuration. Congrats for the insights and clarifications. It will be a treasured memory of your very special day!! 🙂

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    Despite of all the amazing and spectacular specifications of gaming laptops of Asus, Toshiba and LG, Alienware is still the best among all of them. If you’re a gamer, i guess there’s no need to argue which gaming laptop is the best. Cheers!

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