What you Have to Learn Before you Sell Physical Products Online

sell physical products online

Online business is growing rapidly. With evolving technologies, users’ mobility and fast-changing needs of customers, a lot of businesses decide to transfer their sales online. But if you are thinking about having your own business online – there are some things you need to learn first.

For example, you should analyze your business and find out what you want to sell exactly, how many different products there will be in your online store, what are your strengths that will keep you stable in the market.

Also, you must know your target audience really well, identify your communication channels and more. Here are 3 pieces of advice that you need to learn before going online with your business.

Find out your niche

The most important thing you need to do before going online with your business – decide what products you will sell. You need to be specific. And also, if you are new to this – you need to put a lot of effort and be specific about your niche.

For example, you want to sell clothing with prints on them. Try to be more specific and decide who will wear your clothing, what clothes it will be – jumpers, suits, pants or t-shirts. When you learn this essential information, you can go further and think about how you will store it. Decide whether you will buy these clothes from your supplier in advance or will find a way to succeed by choosing print on demand with Printify.

If you want to grow your online buyers, before taking any actions you should identify what strongly unique qualities your product has. You have to stand out and be memorable, because online businesses are growing at an amazing pace and it is easy to fall behind if you do not put enough efforts – for example, in the U.S., from 2016 to 2021 the number of digital buyers grew by more than 20 million.

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Look for those little details which help you to stand out. For example, if your t-shirts or jumpers are made from eco-materials and the prints you put on them are personalized and drawn by famous local artists – it can be your specific niche.

Be specific on your target audience

target audience

When thinking about online business you may think “one fits all”. Just because the internet is affordable for the majority of people, doesn’t mean that your product is too. Don’t be a smartie who tries to sell products to everyone – be specific with your target audience, in which you want to succeed. You can try to write a descriptive paragraph on how your ideal customer looks like – it will help you to identify your main customer better. When doing this task, you should concentrate on personal life details, demographics and so on. 

For example, you have to think about what is the age of your target audience, where do your customers live, are they married or single, do they have children and even how much money do they earn monthly. Be concrete and don’t forget details – it’s really important when thinking about product design, prices or shipping methods and costs.

Don’t forget reasonable margins


It’s not enough to have a fast working website and high-quality products when doing sales online (but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to try to achieve the best results by improving your e-commerce conversions). You have to think not only about income but also about profits. Every business needs good profits to survive and expand, but when there are so many online sellers in the market – it may be hard to do. What you need to learn before going online – what margins your products will have. If you do not have any experience with this topic – find a specialist who could help you with this. It’s a very important part of your business.

When thinking about margins in online business – don’t forget to consider shipping costs, if you are planning to sell physical products online. Shipping costs will be additional expenses, so you need to decide on a smart margin. 

So as you see, there is no fast way on how to be successful in online business. When you decide to go online, the things you can trust the most are your smartly chosen niche, a well-identified target audience, and reasonable margins. When you will become an expert on those things, you may become an expert on your online business. It just takes some time, strategy and investments.

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