6 Ways to Increase eCommerce Conversion

ecommerce conversion

You can buy everything on the Internet. You will be packed and brought at least a truckload of bricks, at least water from an alpine spring. Competition among online stores is very high, and everyone wants to earn good money. Let’s talk about how to increase the conversion of the online store and become the best in its segment.

First, let’s outline what to strive for. On average, conversion (ratio of orders to the number of visitors) for an online store is in the range of 0.3-8%. We need to understand that 8% is just super, and 0.3% – is already good. But there is no limit to perfection. You may check it with SEO Suite.

We got the benchmark, let’s get down to business. First, we need to measure the current conversion and set the nearest target. For example, if your current conversion is 3.2%, plan to reach 3.5% in 2 months. 

Now you need to identify the instruments with which we will improve the conversion. Let us talk about the most effective, in our opinion, ways to increase conversion.

These ways you can download as a checklist.

1. Work on the traffic quality

A couple of paragraphs above, we said that traffic is not the main thing. That’s right, you could have almost zero conversion at 10,000 visitors a day. This isn’t about traffic, this is about quality. It’s better if you attract a few really interested visitors, who are more likely to make a purchase than a crowd of random.

2. Compile personalized descriptions

Visual content is very important, but do not forget about the texts. The product description tells a story. Similar to how good advertising on TV makes you buy something, a good product description shapes emotion, trust and an idea of a better life.

Use the descriptions to tell a potential buyer:

  • what the product looks like with a certain color;
  • what it smells like;
  • how much it weighs and what it feels like;
  • other details that you can’t get out of the picture.

An effective description sells benefits, not functions. Of course, you shouldn’t write a poem, but it allows you to convey the value of your product to the user, to show situations where you can’t do without it.

Don’t be afraid to write long texts. If the buyer likes the beginning, he will finish it. But it’s better to make two versions of the description: short and full.

3. Work on clear navigation.

You will not sell anything if users simply can’t find what they need. Often navigation is the first thing that customers pay attention to when they come to you for something specific. Complicated navigation can cost you a lot of lost customers.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for all online retailers, but we can give you some recommendations.

  • Replace the drop-down menu with a catalogue page if there are a lot of products. If you have a very wide assortment, which is divided into categories and subcategories, it is better to highlight a separate page for it. Otherwise, it will be difficult to find what you need on the huge menu.
  • Structure the drop-down menu if you have a lot of products but a few categories. Online glasses shop Warby Parker has applied a very interesting move. Their entire assortment is divided into two large groups: glasses for vision and sun protection. If you choose a group, a menu will open: for men and for women. 
  • Add a volumetric footer. Obviously, adding all sections to the main menu is not a good idea. A footer will help you: it allows you to make important information available to your customers without disturbing them from choosing products.
  • Arrange the blocks wisely. Usually, people pay the most attention to the beginning or end of the list. We advise you to use this trick and not to build up menu blocks in a chaotic order.
  • Spread the accents. It happens that customers don’t buy just because they can’t find the “Buy” button. To avoid such an offensive error, look at your website from the outside and make sure that all the buttons are visible enough.

4. Do not impose authorization.

Do not force users to log in only to visit a catalog or add products. Ask for his data only at the payment stage. The secret is simple: the faster the user will go through the ordering procedure, the more often they will make this order. If you want the user to accurately register his account, offer him this after the order. For example, promise to send to the specified mail information about the status of the order.

5. Offer free shipping

According to a study conducted in 2016 by Walker Sands agency, 88% of customers cited free delivery as the most important incentive to buy. This factor has a huge impact on user loyalty, so with increased conversion, you will benefit more than you will lose from shipping at your own expense. Basically, you can cheat a little bit and include delivery in the price of goods.

6. Create a sense of urgency

One way to convince a customer to buy from you is to show him the urgency and exclusivity of the offer. It is important to use this technique correctly.

You have probably seen online stores that are full of “Buy Now” or “Hurry up” appeals. Okay, the urgency is obvious. The problem is that there is no explanation for why the user needs this thing or service. In other words, a vivid appeal is not enough. There are several ways to do it delicately and convincingly.

Show the popularity of your product. The fact that it is quickly sold out will be of interest to the user. However, be careful: if you sell a product that is bought several pieces at once, this method may not work.

Usually, it looks like this:

This hotel has been booked 19 times today! There’s one room left.

There’s only 5 of them left. Get on with it!

Mark the delivery time

This little trick works great. The point is to inform the potential buyer when they receive the order at the time of choice. If your courier service works quickly enough, and the order can be delivered the same day, in no case do not keep quiet about it! This is your huge advantage, and it perfectly increases the conversion rate.

For example, specify that if the user makes an order before 13:00, he will receive it today. You will see that the number of orders in the morning will take off quickly.

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