How to listen to free music online without downloading?

How to listen to free music online without downloading?

Music is one of the best things that has ever happened to our race and we have loved and made music ever since we have had the ability to do so.

However with time, music has evolved not only in its type and style but also in the form in which we listen to it. Music made the long and illustrative journey from orchestra’s and choirs to vinyl’s to cassettes and finally now to digital media.

Gone are the days when you had to burn a hole in your pockets to purchase records of your favorite singers and music composers, as now everything is available on the net to be downloaded for free.

In spite of that most of us just want to listen to free music online instead of downloading them. It is to satisfy this need of yours that we present to you some of the best online websites you definitely need to visit to check out some of the best music – both old and new.



Spotify is like the king of the free music sites on the internet and has over a million songs in its varied database. Users can access the site through various ways such as their mobile browser or web browser as well as an exclusive Spotify desktop application.

Spotify is not only a free music streaming website but also an online radio for you to listen to all your favorite songs by the biggest and the best artists out there.

On Spotify users can listen to music online and browse through their favorite songs, create custom playlists of the same and even share them with your buddies and enjoy.


Pandora is another really amazing website for streaming your much loved songs from your desired musicians from all over the world in one place and listen to music online.

Pandora is not only one the best places for you to relish your favorite songs but a great place to discover some of the best less known songs from emerging and upcoming composers and singers from all over the world.

Another great feature of Pandora is their custom online radio option, the only thing that you need to do is type in the artist, album or genre name in the search box and the site will make you a custom online radio station based on your selection. Users can make up to a 100 of these online radio stations and enjoy them anytime they wish to.

lastfm is one of the best sites where users can not only listen to free music online select their favorite tracks but also download them to enjoy them later. The site has an online radio station service through which they provide you with songs from your desired singer, composer etc. and also provide songs from other singers which the user may like.

If you want to you can also download the Scrobbler application on your mobile or portable device in order to send your preferences of music and song tracks to so that they can improve their endorsements for you the next time you visit the site. also has collaboration with Spotify to take your online music streaming experience to the next level.



RadioTuna is one the best online radio station sites with one the best online radio station systems in the world.

Using this site users can find their most wanted online radio stations from a variety of different online radio stations from all over the internet and enjoy all them in one site through the services of RadioTuna and thus lets them listen to free music online.

To start your journey of online radio stations all you need to do is visit RadioTuna and search for your preferred artist, composer, genre or album and the site will treat you with a myriad of radio stations from all over the internet which plays your desired content.

You can access RadioTuna through the browser on your computer or through the browser of all your portable devices or through their desktop application exclusively made to deliver you the best from online radio stations from all over the world.


SoundCloud is one the most unique sites in the online free music streaming arena where users can not only listen to free music online from various singers but can also upload their own songs and compositions on the cloud for other users to listen, enjoy and promote.

The site has a myriad collection of songs and music from various artists all over the world and also has a lot of music from various emerging and upcoming talent. The site has been a source of promotion for great musical talents since 2007 and has since gone on to become one of the best and most visited online music streaming site in the world.

SoundCloud has songs from a huge number of genres from a several singers from around the world for you to listen and enjoy. It also has a desktop applications and dedicated mobile and other portable device applications for users to enjoy its services wherever they go.



Grooveshark is another giant in the online music player which lets its users listen to quality without even logging into their system. The site has a very user friendly and hassle free system for its users and has a gigantic stock of songs from all genres and styles from various singers and musicians from around the world.

The site has been in the online music scene since 2007. The site came into the limelight thanks to its great collection of electronic dance music and has since then evolved to have a huge collection of songs from various genres and artists from all over the world.

The site lets its users listen to free music online make custom playlists and share them with their friends on various platforms

Music has been an essential component of man’s life since time immemorial and the recent developments in the digital arena has brought man closer to his music especially through the above mentioned websites.

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  1. Hey Jane Sheeba,
    Great list of free music players from which we can listen online music for free.
    I am personally a big fan of Sound Cloud.
    Keep posting such articles.

  2. Very interesting article, especially for music lovers. All listed of free mp3 download sites are really great. Keep it up.

  3. Good list Jane Sheeba,
    But I like Spotify very much and I’m using it from past 6 months and completely satisfied with it. Anyhow, thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Hey Jane,

    Soundcloud is my absolute favourite. I really love it’s streamlined interface. Which one is your personal favourite?

  5. thanks for sharing this amazing list of music streaming websites.I used spotify never tried other thought but after reading your article it seems like i should atleast try some other for a change.

  6. Spotify is amazing and I think Saavn should also be included in this list. Features of spotify is unmatched in terms of service they provide.

  7. I’d been using Spotify for a year now and I love it. I’m one of those “free user” because I like to listen to music while on the web. And the best part about it is that I can actually listen to the whole song as many time as I want (including ads).

  8. Spotify is my favourite app which i use frequently. Saavn and wynk also should be included for the list to completed. 😀

  9. Hey Jane
    This is Great list of free music players from which we can listen online music for free.
    I am personally a big fan of Sound Cloud.
    Keep posting such articles.

  10. Hello,

    Nice post.

    When it comes to listening free music online – Spotify is the first name comes into my mind or everybody’s mind.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing list.


  11. Hi Jane, thanks for this list. I am using soundcloud and both are amazing when it comes to listen free music online. thanks for sharing such great sites Jane



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