‘Lookout’ Looks After Your Mobile Security

‘Lookout’ Looks After Your Mobile Security

Mobile phones are versatile gadgets. Their usage is being extended on a continuous basis; hence mobile security is something very crucial. From the primitive voice calls to ‘likes’ on social networking sites, mobile phones have transformed the lives of people across the nations. With the introduction of Smartphones, the definition of a mobile phone is further extended.

In addition to all forms of communication, you can read books, play music, watch movies and play online games. You can work with various applications including office. Thus it has become a versatile gadget to manage your personal and professional life.

However, some safety concerns have always existed regarding the functioning of a mobile.

Mobile security concerns

Various tools are available to protect the data present in your mobile phone and the data that is being transmitted through the mobile phone. As your phone comes in contact with PC it should not be affected by unwanted virus and your phone should not fall prey to the hackers who can steal the information or kill your device making it nonoperational altogether.

Lookout Mobile Security software offers prospective features to enhance your phone’s security.


Features of Lookout

Lookout Mobile Security offers a clean interface. You can control the software through the tabbed interface.

Selected features will appear in green check marks and unselected features will be grayed out with a minus symbol.

The security tab will turn into red color as soon as it discovers the presence of malware.

By tapping the tab you can get the description of the malware and you can understand how you can eliminate or control it.

The software will warn you if you attempt to install an application that might pose a problem to your phone’s operation.

You will be warned if there is any attempt to steal your personal information.

Privacy Advisor is one of the most important features of the Lookout software. Privacy Advisor will list out all the applications that have access to your private or sensitive information.

The safe browser option will list out the URLs that are potential sources of malware.

Better protection feature will make it difficult to uninstall the software by anyone who gets access to your phone.

Device tracker and remote scream feature are very attractive to give new dimension to your mobile security. You can lock the mobile through remote option if it was lost.

From the main menu you can schedule and select settings that will help you perform scans automatically.

Challenges for Lookout

Lookout is quite successful as an entrant into the mobile security market. However, it is a gigantic task to collide with established brands like Kaspersky and McAfee in the mobile security software market. The best part of Lookout is that it will offer great fence to protect your mobile from external attacks.

Lookout is available for download on Android market. You can download trial as well as premium versions. At the tap of the button you can install the software on your mobile phone.

You can accomplish installation in two minutes. After installing the application, you should enable the application’s security features and other backup and location parameters.

Lookout’s scope of improvement

Unlike the other competitive protection software in the market, Lookout does not support customization of options. It will not back up applications as well.

Lookout will not give extended control on the scan process. For example, Kaspersky Mobile Security gives you the option to apply scanning for a limited number of folders or certain kinds of files. This facility is not available with Lookout Mobile Security and you are required to scan the entire memory.

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  1. Our increasing dependency on mobile phones to store our most valuable info has made it really important to worry about its security. Thanks for this review of the lookout mobile security software.


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