Maternity Photography: How To Get The Best Maternity Shots Naturally

Maternity Photography: How To Get The Best Maternity Shots Naturally

Maternity photography forms a crucial part of enjoying pregnancy. Expecting a baby is one of the happiest moments in the life of every woman. To a woman it is something that she experiences from within.

And for the dad to-be, this is something that he experiences by seeing her carrying his very own little one, plus the other parental feelings you know.

When I say maternity photography, I’m sure you’d have imagined a shot where the dad to-be stands behind the mom to-be, puts his hand over the bump and makes a heart with his hands.

Its one of the most common maternity photo we see everywhere and its kinda boring.

In this post I am going to share some tips to take the best, interesting and creative maternity photography shots.

Maternity photography location

Location adds beauty and charm to any photography and maternity photography is no exception. But with maternity photography you should make sure you don’t impose difficulty on the carrying lady to get to a nice location.

You should also make sure that the location is calm, relaxing and soothing. Do not choose adventurous places where the pregnant woman has to strain or exhaust herself to get there.

You not only risk the pregnancy but also will make the carrying lady look tired and exhausted. This will greatly affect the quality of the maternity shot.

Mostly, maternity photos do very well in indoor locations!

Add relationship to the mix

While maternity photography is about the pregnant lady, the other relationships are very crucial and they surely add to the liveliness of the photos. You absolutely need to take shots of the couple in romantic poses as well as in poses that display closeness between them.

Pregnancy is a “we” thing and hence you have to make sure that you involve the hubby into the scene as well.

In addition if there are siblings and if there are any pets or other family members that the couple feel are really important, make sure you creatively involve them in the maternity photography shots.

The extended family is not needed, but you get the idea 🙂

Get creative

Remember the boring, conventional maternity photography shot I told you in the beginning? Avoid those common photos and the common poses.

Try different things, and try very new kind of angles, lighting and poses with every shot.

You never know how amazing a shot could be if you try out something new. You can only unearth interesting shots if you try out variety.

Bring out the beauty

You know, maternity photography can be challenging in one aspect. In general pregnant women don’t feel sexy or comfortable posing for a photograph – generally speaking.

Pregnant women gain weight, they’re round, bulged and hence they don’t feel very beautiful. As a consequence they won’t feel comfortable or take the effort to look beautiful while posing for maternity photos.

As a photographer, it is your responsibility to bring the beauty inside a pregnant woman.

You can make her feel comfortable by talking positively to her and appreciating her every pose – like “that has come out very beautiful”, “yes this pose really works great for you”, “wow you look really beautiful in this shot” and so on.

At the same time, if you’re a male photographer make sure you don’t drive the hubby mad by crossing the limits lol.

Maternity photography: Takeaway

While maternity photography is a little bit challenging, it is one of the most enjoyable kind of photography one can think of.

With a new life inside, and a very happy and excited couple on the outside, bringing out those feelings on a picture is really a beautiful feeling.

If you take a little bit of extra care, extra effort and add some creativity into the mix, you can surely shoot great maternity photography shots.

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  1. Hi, Am no photography expert but I do appreciate good photography when I see one. Fotos taken here shows that you can still be beautiful when pregnant looking for forward to getting … lol my wife. Real helpful article and wonderful tips you’ve shared


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