Microsoft delays Xbox One launch in China

Microsoft delays Xbox One launch in China

The latest Xbox offering from Microsoft, the Xbox One, had already been released in Europe and the United States in November of last year. Also, it has either already made its debut or is soon going to do the same in most Asian countries with the exception of China.

The Xbox one was set to be officially launched in the country next week; however, Microsoft has stated that the brand new Xbox console will not be launched in the country until the end of this year. The company has also stated that buyers who have pre-ordered the newest member of the Xbox family will get the console as soon as it officially launches in the country. Microsoft has also stated that customers will also be receiving “an added bonus” along with the device.

The device was originally set to be launched on the 22nd of September, and although the official console launch won’t be happening on that day, Microsoft has stated that “attendees will be able to enjoy gameplay, great music and entertainment.” Apart from this, the electronics giant is also going to give out 100 Xbox one consoles during the event and the lucky winners of the prize will be receiving them once the device is released in the country.

Although, the exact number of pre-orders for the Xbox One in China has not yet been officially confirmed by Microsoft, a company representative has confirmed that the number of pre-orders were “beyond our expectations.” The software maker has also collaborated with BesTV and a number of developers to release around 70 games for the Xbox One users and plans to distribute the console and games through 4000 retailers from over 35 major cities in the country.

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