Minecraft’s Xbox One Edition to launch this Friday

Minecraft’s Xbox One Edition to launch this Friday

Finally Xbox One users will be able to enjoy the virtual world of Minecraft on their Xbox One, starting this Friday.

The name of the game is “Minecraft: Xbox One Edition” and Microsoft’s Xbox wire has said that users can download the game from the Xbox Store. Microsoft has further stated that Xbox 360 owners who have already been playing the game only need to upgrade the current version of the game to the new one for $4.99 while the Xbox One users will have to purchase the game for $19.99.

Minecraft has been created by Mojang, an indie gaming developer and the game takes its players to a Lego-like place which is almost entirely composed of blocks. As the player journeys through this virtual world they create buildings, animals, vegetation, machines and a lot more to fashion their own virtual world. Apart, from this the gamer also has to fight against various enemies and evils. However, unlike most other games Minecraft has a much more open-ended feel to it and thus kids can play this game and learn from it as well.

Minecraft is a very addictive game and has an astonishing fan following of over 13 million on Xbox Live. Thus, Microsoft is expecting that the latest edition of the game will also get a great reception and in the process improve game sales.

Minecraft lovers can download the game from the Xbox store on Friday either by using their credit card or their Xbox gift card. Microsoft has also stated that digital download codes and fully packed games will be available for purchase towards the end of this month from select retail stores only.

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