New Sonos software update gives users complete Wi-Fi compatibility

New Sonos software update gives users complete Wi-Fi compatibility

The American company has made available a free software update to its users today for its multi streaming speaker system. This new update will allow the users to connect to a Wi-Fi network directly. Apart from this, in the near future speakers from Sonos will be completely wireless with the exception of the power cable but will have to be within the range of the Wi-Fi router. This will eradicate the need for any wired connection to the Wi-Fi router, a major issue which had pestered Sonos ever since its introduction.

However, there is still a minor problem which is that Sonos will still setup by using the Playbar soundbar in either the 3.1 or the 5.1 configuration which requires a wired connection in order to ensure that the synchronization between the surround speakers and the main one is airtight.

This new update seconds the pledge made by the company in the month of April of delivering a Wi-Fi system. However, sources have said that the company had been working on a solution to this particular problem for the past two years. Also, Sonos has tested its new feature on almost every type of router that is available in the market at present and have had positive results on almost all of them.

Thus, with this new addition users only need to have the Sonos app (iPhone and Android) on their smartphone and a Wi-Fi network and they are good to go. With this new upgrade Sonos has indeed pioneered the home audio space and  inspite of stiff competition from various companies it is still the best there is.

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