Microsoft Remains Relevant Amidst Strong Competition Thanks To New OS

microsoft windows os

With Microsoft getting closer to their goal of 1 billion Windows 10 users, the current figure of 800 million is not too bad despite missing the deadline. But for Microsoft, the recent Computex 2019 trade expo was a defining moment as the computer giant revealed a new operating system. That distant figure of 1 billion users will definitely come within reach, if not surpass it if Microsoft happens to deliver on this OS. For Windows users who reluctantly gave up their Windows 7 only to be delighted with the upgraded version of Windows 10, the new OS will certainly be an exciting prospect to look forward to.

AI To Personalize The Experience

One of the most exciting perks of being on the threshold of innovative tech, is that you get to incorporate it in your own products. For Microsoft, all the research and development they’ve put into AI is going to finally come to fruition with the launch of the new OS. AI will form a fundamental part of the user experience and for Microsoft bigwigs, this is a major win in terms of customer retention and reaching that 1 billion figure. Users want a simplified experience that is customized to their individual preferences and the use of AI makes this far more possible than irritating tracking software ever could.

Security Remains Top Priority

Security threats such as hacking and loss of data are elements that the average computer user doesn’t want to think about, and they shouldn’t have to. Microsoft assures users that with the next OS, the state will be separate from the system which mitigates the damage substantially and reduces risk from malware and apps. Users will have various means of backing up their profiles and thanks to 5G and WiFi connectivity, cloud-based backups are also available. According to Microsoft, these will work all the time and users will never have to fear dead spots in their network coverage again. They will just work. The OS is also said to incorporate a seamless update process that is responsive and uninterrupted, which improves convenience for users.

Accessibility Is Enhanced

For modern operating systems, one of the challenges to overcome is improving accessibility. According to Microsoft, the new OS will support various tools of accessibility to ensure a smooth experience for users. Accessibility is further improved with the multi-sense option that incorporates to use of pen, keyboard, and even gaze to access and scroll. The inclusion of Windows 10 IoT tech, which connects a number of smart devices and allows full cloud computing. This IoT tech not only makes life easier at home thanks to simpler connections to the HVAC and other electronics but can also play a big role at the office by connecting equipment and machinery.

Whether the new OS will simply be an update to Windows 10 or whether they’ll call it Windows 11 remains to be seen, as the actual launch of the OS is still very hush. For Microsoft, however, it’s a race to the finish line as they’re up against some tight competition from macOS Mojave.

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