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A wise saying goes, ‘Better safe than sorry‘…. Many people end up being sorry just because it seemed too impossible for anything terrible happening. Blood-relations become strangers, and best friends become loners, misunderstandings do not take a minute to develop.

And a very famous gadget today, the cell phone, is almost always a running-along pal throughout such situations. So only if an early detection had been there, an early intervention could have saved the whole state of affairs from turning bad.

Software companies have developed android, blackberry iph0ne mobile spying software and to help us monitor cell phone activity, when and where necessary. MobiEspion is one of the emerging companies that have offered a reasonable bargain for a very efficient mobile spy software.

The software application can be purchased online through the website of the company. The application can be used to secretly monitor someone’s cell phone activity, without anyone else ever knowing.

This monitoring can help detect if any out of place or detrimental communications are on the go from the cell phone. Be it your child, husband, friend, colleague, if they hold near you heart, it gives you an automatic right to refrain them from the bad element of the society.

So keeping a secret check over all the calls, text messages, emails and other forms of communications through the cell phone is somewhat essential. Also this software application captures the pictures and videos stored on that cell phone.

The internet surfing and social networking sites visited make a part of the spy updates too. This listing of the websites is accompanied by the activities on the respective websites, like the videos watched, statuses posted, and etc.

The target cell phone and the cell phone do not have to be near the spy for all the updates. No matter what the distance, this remote spying is always on the go.

The mobile spying software/applications requires a mere internet connection and perhaps a laptop to enjoy all the secret updates from the spy software. So there is absolutely no chance of being detected or discovered by the target, spying is secure and safe, and clearly very underground.

If the cell phone user happens to keep deleting his/her messages, and internet usage history, or pictures/videos, it does not affect the performance of the mobile spy, for it restores all of these and updates on the account page of the website.

Also, geographical tracking is a handy element offered by not many. The spy software comes with the GPS tracker system that facilitates in tracking down the accurate geological position of the target with the cell phone.

The progress of the target, thus, is kept on the record by the iphone spy software and display all on the account of the software purchaser. This capable software is compatible with the operating system of many smart phones like almost all of the Android phones, Blackberry and the very-desired iPhone series. So turn your suspicions into belief and misunderstandings into clarifications, and before it is too late, save yourself from the worst.

Ryan More is author for this article and he is Brand Marketing Manager for MobiEspion mobile phone spy software which is a power full cell phone spying software for Android, iPhone & Blackberry smart phones. Catch him @RyanMore3

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    You are making a very important point here. Most people (unfortunately) don’t even realize what some Android apps are capable of. This advancement is a great step forward for sure because some years ago we would have to hire a professional to do what now a simple free app can do for us. I am afraid that most users (or average) of a smartphone aren’t aware that they may be spied on. We should certainly increase this awareness and tell people about apps such as Mobile Phone Tracker. At the same time, people from the other “side” (the conscious ones) may use their knowledge with not-the-best intentions. This calls for using some protection or at least telling people how they can protect themselves. My top security advice is always “If you suspect that your phone is spied on, restore factory settings!” This always works! 🙂
    Thanks for a nice article!

    All the best,

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    Hey Ryan,
    The mobile phone tracker software is indeed a great thing to protect the important stuff stored in the phone from bad elements. Thanks for spreading the information about this great tool.

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      Ryan More

      Hi Aayna,

      I totally i agree with, this why i love this app, allows you to save your cell phone data (you can say back up) remotely and its keep updating every day so by any chance if you lost your mobile you can have every thing back.

      Ryan More

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    Hi Ogla, Exactly that was my point that we can use this app as fro our protections, mostly people or users use these apps to spy on others but let be on the positive side and just for sec think about it for our own security and keeping our cell phone and data on safe side. this app can be a great product.Thanks Ryan

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    Felix Lee

    There are a lot of apps developed that are very helpful to us especially with the past-paced life we are living today. We just have to be wise enough to choose which ones will fit our needs and benefit us most.

    1. Avatar
      Ryan More


      Exactly that’s very important point you’ve made here, one should first note down its requirement and than compare available apps which one suits him/better and fulfilling their requirements completely or partially, also there is one thing which we should consider the price for that app. Obviously if im going buy any, i ll first compare the features and than the price which one suits me more :D.

      Ryan More

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    Mobile Spy software are a very useful innovation as they enable parents to monitor young children phone usage. Spy Software also at times have trackers which are beneficial in case of a mobile theft. Hats off to the creators and thanks for sharing the information.

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      Ryan More


      Yeah, these and many other features of are very useful in daily routine life, i would like to highlight few of these you can track geo location of cell phone in case of theft as you mentioned, you can to monitor your employees activities during office hours, parents can use to keep an eye on their kidz, in case you fell your partner is double crossing you can find out the answer if he/she is really cheating on you or not etc.

      Ryan More

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    There are advantages and disadvantages of using spy monitoring software. As a mom, I also want to install a spying software in my teenage son’s phone. I want to know his activities and I want to make sure that he’s not doing something that he might regret in the end.

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    Hi Jasmin,

    You’re right Jasmin, there are always advantages and disadvantages of using such software, especially when it comes to ethical and unethical, but it all depends on one how he/she use this app, truly its a complete apps as far as parenting is concern you can always put a check on your kids activities for their own safety.

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    Hi Ryan
    This looks another great app for keeping track of the good old mobile phone. I will admit I am a bit slow here on the take up. I have got a Samsung but I know a few of my friends who have I phones and have all installed an app so they know exactly where each other are at any one time on a map. Not sure if that kind of thing is really for me though. The security reasons I think is a great ideal in case of theft but spying on each other is a bit far for me.

    Great insight thanks lee

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    Great information got from this post about mobile phone spy software that might be very useful for other people. Mobile Spy Software is really finest software for smartphone users because they can easily track the smartphone Geo location at the time of theft. Thanks for giving information about this software.

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    Facebook User

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    information shared by you. There are many such
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    mobile app developer

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    Coop Mckenz

    I agree with you because there are lots of mobile spy applications and software available in the market. But choosing the right one is little bit confusing task.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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