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The advances made throughout the human history have been outrun by the technology development of the 21st century. That does not mean that humans have surpassed all previously prevalent ills. In fact, social evils have made their way through more easily thanks to the tech development.

However, as soon as it turned out that the most used gadget of today, the mobile phone was losing its bounds and limits, and since going back was not an option; the mobile spy software came into being. This is the ultimate tool to counter the rampant exploitation of the mobile phone communication.

Spy Software Development

Mobile spy software is being developed by many companies nowadays, since its value has been recognized by many. But when more than a few corporations start pitching in to selling the same product, their differences become difficult yet essential, to recognize.

So when choosing mobile spy software, a reliable and trustworthy company is to be looked for and is one of the few ones. Its website offers an account set up method upon which the purchase of the mobile spy software is mere one step of online payment.

Once done through payment, the spy application can be downloaded on any mobile phone. However, the activation of the software is to be done on only one mobile phone at a time.

The spying mechanism begins right after the activation. The material that has been spied on is displayed on the account page of the website, and the cell phone from which the information is flowing will pass no clue to its user about it.

Account Dashboard

The account page is going to show all the SMS sent/received using that mobile phone. Also, the contacts to which audio communication is being made are also listed down by the application.

The pictures, videos, multimedia message transfer, appointment reminders, to-do lists, all updates are also captured and displayed on the account. Apart from this, for whatever purpose the internet is being used can also be discovered.

From random web browsing to social networking, nothing remains out of sight of the spying software. And all this transfer of the information from the target cell phone to the account page of the software purchaser is completely hidden from the cell phone user.

This is because upon installation the software merges itself with the background operating system of the cell phone and does not display itself at any cost.

Geographical Tracking

Also, many companies offering an additional feature of geographical tracking which makes spying on the target simply much more useful as well as exciting. Its GPS tracker updates all the locations to which the cell phone user has been to.

The whole record is kept on the account page, and is refreshed all along. This mobile spy software application is compatible with phones like iPhone, Android and Blackberry smart phones.

Its use can only be appreciated by those who are afraid of living with regrets and want to take action right now. Protect all your loved ones and save them from falling into wrong communication by impeding all inappropriate interactions.

Ryan More is author for this article and he is Brand Marketing Manager for MobiEspion mobile phone spy software which is a power full cell phone spying software for Android, iPhone & Blackberry smart phones. Catch him @RyanMore3

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  1. Avatar

    A mobile spy software is a must, seeing the number of increasing numbers of cases of mobile hacking and other thefts. Thanks for providing this valuable chunk of information.

    1. Avatar
      Ryan More

      Aayna, you’re right using these its really easy to get backup every now and than in fact all the time you have your backup in account admin dashboard, in case of stolen you can track the geo location of your mobile phone.

  2. Avatar

    This seems to be a great app which I never knew about. It is really useful these days when even small children are into iphones and ipads; their usage can be monitored. Thanks for sharing the information.

    1. Avatar
      Ryan More

      @Fatima these spy and monitoring apps are really help full if you want to keep an eye on your children want to know what are they up to, know whom they are talking, texting and meeting. Where they go every thing you can figure out simply just installing the MobiEspion spy app in their cell phones and sit at home and just monitor everything they do.

  3. Avatar
    Ryan More

    @Fatima these spy and monitoring apps are really help full if you want to keep an eye on your children want to know what are they up to, know whom they are talking, texting and meeting. Where they go every thing you can figure out simply just installing the MobiEspion spy app in their cell phones and sit at home and just monitor everything they do.

  4. Avatar

    Software application such as mobile spy can be useful but it can also cause some problems. I guess it will simply depends on how people will use it.

    1. Avatar


      It totally depends how you use these spying apps, my advice to people out there, not to use for any unethical purposes.


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    mobile spy application seems a good application for the children when they are into smartphones. I never heard about this application thanks for given information about this new app to me.

    1. Avatar


      Thanks for reading this post and leaving such positive feedback about the post, i always try to make positive impact of technology through my writing on our daily routine life.


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    Lei Broch

    Indeed, the popularity of mobile phones has resulted in its misuse and it has become difficult to track the usage. Mobile spy software became an effective tool in monitoring a specific mobile phone unit. One great advantage of this software is that you can monitor your kids, spouse, or employees without them knowing.

    1. Avatar

      It all depends on how you use it as you said @Lei Broch, ethical use and unethical uses it all depends on the user what they choose.

      1. Avatar
        Lei Broch

        I agree. It will still depend on the intention of the user.

  7. Avatar

    I mean, its one thing to keep tabs on your own phone and keep tabs on employees, but stalking loved ones? No. I feel that we are all lose a certain sense of trust and privacy. Its one thing to slap a GPS watch on my 2 year old in large crowds, but to know what my boyfriend is talking about with his friends? We trust each other, so I already know. (Psss, its microphones).

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    Mobile phone tracking or spy application is quite popular today as there would be some incidents that our phone will get lost or stolen. As we all know smartphones are not that cheap for us to disregard once lost. Not only it can help us to retrieve our phones, but at the same time it can help authorities locate the culprit.

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    Zoya Bennet

    We see a number of hacking practices are happening in and around Smartphone era and it is must to have a Spy software to make sure that our details are safe. This is a great article to read with such that I got a unbeatable piece of news.

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