E Cigs 201: Modding Your E-Cig

E Cigs

E cigarettes are innovative products that have only been around for a few years so there is no shortage of small companies offering their own take on the innovative smoking devices. But while some devices come as part of a  kit or set that only works with original parts from the same companies there is a plethora of devices and a myriad of mods for electronic cigarettes, enough to satisfy the needs of even the most ardent modder.

Yes, many of the devices currently on the market adhere to similar sizing standards and there are adaptors available to use components from one e-cig with components from another.  Of course this is a difficult and dangerous process and should only be attempted by people who know what they are doing.

If you’re not that technically savvy, you will likely get the best e-cigarette experience from one of the fledgling ‘big brands’ of the e-cig world, like blu cigs. These brands offer flawless compatibility and plenty of brand-name accessories of their own.

They will certainly save you the time, effort, and potential trouble that modding might entail, since they come with all the necessary accoutrements right out of the box. Beginners also have a range of starter kits at their disposal, which are flexible enough in terms of user experience as to provide a wide range of options for use.

If you do want to dabble in the realm of modding you will have to learn quite a bit about e-cigarettes and how they operate. You probably already know that e-cigs consist of a battery and a cartridge containing the nicotine mix but you should also know that that cartridge (or cartomizer) contains an electrical element, an atomizer that turns the liquid into vapour.

Before you dabble in modding your e-cig you should find out the specific voltage at which the cartomizer functions properly. You can do this by using a voltage attachment for e-cigs and once you find that out everything becomes easier.

The basic mod for many users (apart from refills) is the battery swap. Many users switch the small, sleek batteries that are usually used in current-gen products for larger batteries or mod attachments that offer variable voltage (in order to account for variable liquid densities or to accommodate larger cartridges).

Another popular switch is replacing the cartomizer with a tank mod which can hold more e-liquid or can allow for flavour mixing. Advanced mods range from reversing polarities on batteries to avoid shorts to creating your own resistors.

Any modder should also know that there is quite a bit of risk involved even with non-DIY modding. Some pieces just don’t play well together and there have been instances of attachments shorting out batteries or even causing them to explode.

All in all, modding is an exciting hobby for the e-cig enthusiast and something that is quite doable in the current stage of the e-cig market. As e-cig brands become more well known this will likely become harder so get on board while you still can!

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