Google Nexus 10 Review: A Closer Look Into The Google Nexus 10

Over the recent months the tablet market has seen pretty exciting things. After the introduction of Nexus 7, lots of new devices have come including Barnes & Noble Nook HD, Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Apple iPad Mini.

However, we don’t get to see much of 10-inch devices in the market. The Google Nexus 10 is one among them which can compete with the full-sized iPad. Let’s find out more about the Nexus 10.


The design of the Google Nexus 10 is much similar to that of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 though there are some notable variances. It is not a great surprise because Samsung is the manufacturer of this device.

Like other 10-inch tablets, there is a landscape orientation in the Nexus 10. It has a plastic casing and Gorilla Glass 2 front. It offers a grippy and soft feel to the touch. It is comfortable to hold in both portrait and landscape mode.

Google Nexus 10

Compare to iPad it is both lighter and thinner. On the top of tablet, there are volume and power buttons. Ports are situated on the sides.

Build quality of the Nexus 10 is fine, but it is no match to the iPad. It doesn’t have the aluminum body like the devices of Apple. The back cover has a thin plastic section.


The Google Nexus 10 is powered by a 1.7GHz Exynos 5250, a dual-core processor and 2GB of RAM. The quad-core Mali-T604 CPU offers great support for video and gaming functions.

The device responds very quickly to any command or input. Apps don’t take much time to open. In terms of storage, there are two options available- 32GB and 16GB. But the microSD card slot hasn’t been included.

The screen resolution of 2560 x 1600 and the pixel density of 300ppi are incredible. Everything on the screen appears super detailed and sharp. The viewing angles are superb. And the device is perfect for watching movies at 16:10 aspect ratio. The connectivity features include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


The 5MP rear facing camera is fine to take some quality images. It can even shoot quality video with full HD 1080p. You can tweak and crop photos with the help of built-in editing software, and add some Instagram style frames and filters.

Google Nexus 10 back

The Photo Sphere mode allows you to take the 360 degree panoramas. There is also a front facing camera of 1.9MP which can take the video of 720p.


The Nexus 10 features the latest version of Android OS that is the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. You can get the pure vanilla experience with this OS.

Some features of Jelly Bean include actionable and expandable notifications, Google Now and offline dictation. It is really easy to customize the wallpapers, widgets and shortcuts according to your needs. And lots of new features are offered for tablet users.

Battery Life

The 9000mAh or 33.3Wh battery of the Google Nexus is said to be give battery life of 9 hours with continuous video playback. It is certainly good for a tablet. In comparison to other tablets, the Google Nexus 10 has the quality battery.

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  1. Hiii Scott

    I like this tablet so much because it has excellent features with a good camera, I really excited to buy this tablet so please tell me what is the price of this tablet, plz reply me.

    Awesome post.

  2. Google Nexus may not be as competitive with the iPad, but it is not bad neither. And if to consider the price, it is quite a lot better.

  3. Google Nexus 10 has been in the competition with other devices. It has all the good features and it comes with androis OS which boost up its demand.

  4. Thanks for the review. I’ve been planning to buy a tablet for a while now, and because of your review, I’ll be buying the Nexus 10. I can’t actually afford the Ipad but I think the Nexus 10 would still be a better option for me. Thanks.

  5. The features are excellent.But there is no MicroSD slot it surprised me. They make the front camera configuration good.Actually i think they concentrate on camera.Battery life is quite standard.

  6. I’ve been looking to try the Nexus 10 I think it’ll perform better than my iPad with all the added features and interface, I think it’s the best resolution.

  7. All of the Nexus devices are awesome. This Nexus 10 device will be a great choice for the ones who loves multimedia activities and gaming on bigger screens. And if you want a tablet for normal purposes, then I think Nexus 7 will be an appropriate choice.

  8. Thanx for the Review, I actually love these tablet now. The multimedia capabilities of Nexus 10 are truly satisfying

  9. Nexus 10 great tablet and amazing features i like this tablet and i also like this tablet features and looking so captivate.
    Thank you

  10. I’ve used Nexus 7, since than i haven’t use any there tablets, but this one Nexus 10 looks good to me if i compare its features and i hope put a better camera in it this time.


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