Does Apple iPad Mini Pose A Threat To Some Popular Tablets?

Apple ipad mini

At last, apple has launched ipad Mini giving an end to all kinds of rumors. Apple has managed to present the mini version with the note ‘less is the same’ instead of its popular nuance, ‘less is more’.

The Apple website conveys the message that less is the size but not the bundle of features. Thus, Apple has condensed the size but not the features.

The launch of iPad Mini should be a great bonanza for Apple lovers. Let us check how it makes the difference from earlier versions and how it fits in your hands.


iPad Mini weighs 0.68 pounds. In terms of size, it fits in between iPad and iPhone 5. iPad Mini’s thickness is 7.2 mm. It has a competitive advantage among 7” tablets.

The size of the iPad is 9.7”. iPad Mini comes with a compact connector. You will be able to transfer data at lightening speeds with the cable.

As the connector can support the USB adaptor, you can establish direct connection with various gadgets. You can connect SD cards, digital cameras and video output through VGA or HDMI ports.

You can also use the cable to transfer files with other iOS enabled devices. Apple has stressed the need for the introduction of environment-friendly products. It takes great strides in this direction.

The new iPad Mini display system does not contain any flame retardant or mercury. The entire unit can be recycled as it does not contain any polyvinyl-chloride. iPad Mini is fitted with a FaceTime HD camera on the front side and iSight Camera of 5MP on the rear end.


Compared with earlier version iPad Mini fades in terms of display capabilities. iPad fares well in graphic reproduction with its Retina display technology. The processor power has come down.

iPad Mini deploys A5 processor instead of A6X that is deployed in the 4th generation iPad. You can connect iPad Mini in wireless mode with various devices through 802.11 a/b/g/n networking technologies.

You can also connect with various devices that work on LTE and DC-HSDPA. You can expect a speed of 150 Mbps.


  • As iPad Mini is light in weight, it can be convenient while travelling.
  • iPad Mini fits in your hands better than iPad as it is small in size.
  • iPad Mini gives you great experience to read books through the improved iBooks Application.
  • You can enjoy quality video conferencing through the powerful cameras on front and back.
  • You can access all the 275,000 applications that are meant for iPads and you will be able to access most of the 700,000 applications that are meant for any kind of the IOS device.


Woman with books and iPad

On the pricing front, iPad Mini is costlier than Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet and Google Nexus 7. While iPad Mini costs $329 and above, Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus cost $199.

The 16GB model of iPad Mini costs $329 and 64GB model of iPad Mini costs $529. The price will go up if you opt for cellular networking in which case it ranges between $459 and $659. You should understand the fact that these charges will not include the monthly data usage.


iPad Mini is very thin in size and weighs less. It easily fits in your palm and hence, you can carry it with you wherever you go. It comes with the appealing design factor.

You can hold it in a single hand and you can operate it quite easily. The display system is not as efficient as iPad as the iPad Mini is powered by A5 processor instead of A6X processor. There will be trade off in terms of pixel reproduction.

Even though the display area offered by iPad Mini is greater than Google Nexus 7 tablet by one third, it costs more than the Nexus 7. The downside with the new lightening connector is that it is not compatible with current iOS peripherals. You should purchase an adapter to fill this gap.

As there is a great price difference between iPad Mini and Kindle Fire HD & Nexus 7, there is no immediate threat for cheap priced tablets in the market. iPad Mini might be considered by customers instead of going for Android tablets of the same price range.

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