Kindle Fire HD Nails Or Fails? Discussing Kindle Fire HD

If you are a gadget freak, everything sleek, smart and with buttons should be on your agenda to explore at the very least. That is not to say that you do not have your own personal favorites when it comes to gadgets.

However, it is apparent that tablets are hot favorites on everybody’s list of gadgets to own. Moreover, with the new competition in the kind of tablets which have been launched, it is no surprise that everybody wants one.

The latest launch that is creating some amount of waves already comes from the house of Amazon. The Kindle Fire HD is at surface no different that the kind of tablets that you will have seen or skimmed.

Nevertheless, there are a few quirks which makes Kindle different from what you have seen so far.

Take a look and prepare to fall in love with the new tablet in town!

The Price is Right

Admit it mate, nothing gives you more of a high than paying less and getting similar, and in  some cases more in terms of any object that you would want to possess.


The new Kindle Fire HD will certainly purr to satisfaction this instinct of yours. While the other tablets that you see are so very expensive, Amazon has priced the object in a manner that people can actually afford it, and not just dream about it.

With 16 giga bytes of storage space and some mean features (read on), buying the Kindle Fire HD will help you to save at least a hundred dollars if not more, than its other counterparts.

Above all, you can always check for ongoing rebates that Amazon keeps on coming up with. That will certainly help you to possess a gadget and yet not be costing you an arm and a leg.


 In fact, parents should take notice that here is your chance to make life great for your young girl or boy. With the Holiday season looming nearby, an affordable tablet should definitely brighten everybody’s day.

Before that of course, you would like to have more information about the small tablet, with a seven inch screen and how it performs in other departments. The size of the tablet will definitely make it easy for you to carry it around.

Plus, the tapered case will definitely protect your beloved tablet in other ways. As far as the HD goes in the Kindle Fire HD, you are in for a good surprise.

With the kind of software and technology that Amazon has packed in it, it is no surprise that kids as well as adults will dig in it. Get the ultimate gaming experience and watch heavy action movies like you star in them, if you get my drift.

Performance and Difference

Kindle-Fire-HD side

As happens with any new gadget that is launched in the market, you would of course be interested in how the all new Kindle Fire HD is different that it’s other fruity counterparts.

Let’s then start with the sound. If the hunch is correct, that is one of the things which definitely turn you off while trying to do something on your tablets.

Kindle Fire has definitely fired up in the sound department by incorporating stereo speakers courtesy Dolby Digital Plus. Sound being of our best and most sensitive organs, the incorporation of a great sound system is definitely something of a turn on, especially if you fellows have suffered and been irritated while trying to decipher the lyrics of some songs!

While other fruity counterparts of tablets need external systems for decent sound systems, you can use the same system to throw a party with Kindle Fire HD. Also, this more than makes up for other areas which Kindle has been economical with.

As mentioned, this small power packed tablet has a display of seven inches. This might be a problem for many who do not dig into small objects, no matter how powerful.

Having a decent sound quality system will enrich your experience in every way possible. That does not mean that the screen of Fire should water down your interest in any manner.

The petite seven inch screen of Fire definitely fires a screen density of 169 pixels. Just imagine how shape that would be! Plus, if you a private person who likes to do things individually, the screen is really not that inadequate.

The measurements of the screen stand at 1280×800 and the texture is glossy and visually pleasing. For example, the darks of a movie scene will actually seem clear and bright. Also, forget the fruity muddy in other counterparts as well as the bad viewing angles.

Other Valuable Quips

Kindle-Fire-HD side view

The Kindle Fire HD is the ultimate entertainment package for you or your kids. For people who love to read, here is what will make you appreciate the tablet more. Coming from the house of Amazon, it is no surprise that will get great books at your disposal whenever you like.

If ebooks are something you dig in, the above mentioned features of the screen and the convenience ought to tell you what a great book of books you have found in the shape of a tablet.

However, the battery life may be a bit of a glitch. While the earlier version of Kindle and the fruity counterparts are known for their daily or weekly life of battery that holds, the new Kindle Fire HD may need some time alone with the charger. Nevertheless, once you have already fallen in love with the light weight sleek texture, the lowered prices and of course something petite, this would not matter.

As far as videos for streaming are concerned, it should come as no surprise that the product from Amazon will give you advantages you will never have with any other tablet. Accessing emails and free flow internet should make it a bit sweeter for you.

With an intuitive and smooth user interface that Amazon provides, you will have absolutely no problem in finding what you need. However, this particular feature is subject to areas with Wi-Fi, so check before you steam!

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  1. In aiming to be the complete package, the Kindle Fire HD succeeds to a point: sourcing content and having that seamlessly integrated into the experience from Amazon makes everything easy and simple for users. If this is all you are after, then the Kindle Fire HD will suit you as an affordable home tablet with plenty on offer.

  2. I’ve always wanted a Kindle tablet that I could actually use for reading purposes alone. Although I have the app on my iPad, nothing comes close to owning one. Thanks for this review! Merry Christmas!

  3. I don’t know. I think it’s an overkill. I’d still prefer the Kindle to function like a Kindle not a tablet. But I guess it’s a cheaper tablet option. Thank you for your insights.

  4. Great review, I still prefer the old school Kindle but it’s nice to know that there are affordable tablets out there and the market isn’t monopolized by Apple

  5. Nice review on a Kindle Fire HD. I am not really an avid fan of gadgets, but this review is so alluring that I might consider getting one for myself. Plus, the Amazon has this ongoing rebates that sounds great. Thanks for this wonderful blog!

  6. Good post. Can you suggest some good accessories for teh Kindle device. I need to know which peripherals will work good for my Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and which may not ?



  7. Hi Jane
    I have just won one of these and am really looking forward to it arriving even more so after reading your article .

    So here’s to a happy new year thanks lee


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