Link Mass Balance: Where To Get Links?


For a site to be properly referenced and well positioned in the search engines it requires several things:

To be of good value/ interesting

To be correctly search engine optimize

To have frequently updated content

To have reliable inbound links (backlinks).

Here are a few ways you can gain and maintain your backlinks, along with an SEO tip or two to ensure you are getting the most out of your links.


Create a few blogs yourself with different domain names and link them to your desired site. This is a great way of getting links and one that you can do every week as you upload new content.

Do not over-promote yourself on the blog, and do not write as if you are the links landing pages owner.


Use the “keyword” in your links. This is the anchor of the link; choose a keyword as an anchor, which is targeted for your site.

Do not just paste a URL or write, “click here”. More backlinks you receive, the higher your popularity on Google increases and you will be positioned better.

Social Bookmarking

The social bookmarking sites are places where you will find links that are totally free and of quantity you want. Each bookmark has a title (your anchor) that redirects to a page.

The advantage compared to directories is that you can write a link to all pages that are deep in your site.

Guest Blog Posting

Write a guest post for another blog and add a link to your site onto it. Of course you have to get the other person to agree to post your content, but all it takes is for you to ask.


Directories are a great way to get free links. Do not forget to create different descriptions in each of the directories.

You can also pay to be added into link directories. In some cases these will work as stronger links than free ones.

Reciprocal links

You can ask other websites to swap links with you. If you can convince them to swap links with you then it is a very easy and quick way to build a few links.


Some forums allow you to place one or more links in your signature. So the more you write the posts, the more you may link.

You can also put your links in topics of conversation, but be discreet; otherwise, you will be banned from the forums.


When you leave a comment on a blog, you can indicate your site. Your name is then used as an anchor.

If you are lucky then some of these links will appear as backlinks. However, just like with Forums, a great many will not. For this and similar techniques you must make sure that the sites are dofollow!


You can gain semi-permanent links to your website through pay per click advertising. However these types of links will only last as long as your advert runs for.

Nevertheless they are usable links to your website (even if they are dynamic links).

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15 thoughts on “Link Mass Balance: Where To Get Links?”

  1. Nice consolidation of basic n essential things for a blogger should do to place their blog to get good position in search engines.. Am a blogger, I already know few tips, now gonna do the remaining tricks.. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for compiling this list. I think forum marketing is a great way to increase website’s exposure. I respond to support requests in forums and people generally start to follow my blog.

  3. Some nice tips, although I wouldn’t give much prominence to directory submissions. Creating a useful product is another good way to get some very useful back links in a natural manner.

  4. I feel, guest posting and blog commenting are emerging as very important ways to get quality links.You have made great points here, proper blend is very important. Thanks for the share.

  5. Thanks for suggesting these methods.although I’m not that fond of online directories, it’s really just a matter of sharing quality and relevant content to make a difference.

  6. Thanks for sharing these tips, link building is such a challenging task and although I’m trying to concentrate on leveraging social media platforms, I think that it would also be beneficial if I start exploring other mediums.

  7. Hi Korah, thank you for sharing this list with us. It’s very accurate for newbie bloggers who need a run-down on the seo know-how. Great job!

  8. I really had a hard time with links when I was starting my blog, it’s good to know I can rely on this post at any time. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Link building is definitely a tedious task. As much as I want to spend my time on it, I can’t there are a lot of other things I have to do. But I really appreciate these tips. Thank you Korah!

  10. I really love guest posting. It not only brings me quality backlinks but also sends traffic and improves the readership on my site.


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