Should You Be Driving With A Smartphone Or An iPhone?

Should You Be Driving With A Smartphone Or An iPhone

When you’re in your car, believe it or not, iPhones and smartphones function differently from each other. So, which would you rather have, an Android smartphone or an iPhone? Would you like to join the bandwagon and use an iPhone or would you like to stay loyal to your smartphone? Read on and find out whether selling your smart phone is about right.

When you want a smartphone to keep and you want it to work with your car, there are always these two choices for you to consider: The iPhone and an Android phone.

Between these two, all you have to do is to take a look at these considerations so you can pick wisely.

1. Navigation
2. MP3 playback
3. Bluetooth audio
4. Pandora audio
5. Bluetooth phoning
6. Automaker apps
7. Automotive apps
8. Aftermarket integration

Both phones can actually work as convenient navigation devices that can offer turn-by-turn directions. However, Android came out of the gate with outstanding navigation from its Google Maps app, as Google created the Android OS. Google regularly updates this app for free.

The iPhone has a Google maps app too, but it does not work well enough for navigation. This app also tends to be pricey, as it uses much of the same software as a portable navigation device. The advantage goes to Android.

MP3 players are important to ease the time spend on a journey. Android and iPhone both have it although it is not a high priority for most Android phones. This is where the iPhone gets its first advantage.

The iPhone has the Music App and the Video App which can offer unbeatable MP3 playback and good music. Suffice to say that the iPhone camera’s quality should be good as well. So, you might as well consider getting cash for your smartphones.

Advantage: iPhone

The A2DP profile or stereo Bluetooth audio streaming is needed for you to play music from your phone on your car stereo. This technology has helped a lot of drivers in keeping them alive and alert when driving.

In this sense, both phones have the required system capabilities to play music with their Bluetooth and 3G connectivity.

Advantage: Tie

Some cars use Pandora for automotive integration. This app has been an early leader when it comes to integrating phones to cars and making their interface look as one.

In this case, both phones work with Pandora. The iPhone connects with its 30-pin dock connector while Android does it through Bluetooth. But to settle the matter, iPhone wins the match by having more company brands with cars only compatible to its connector.

Advantage: iPhone

Nowadays, it is not news to learn that most cars are Bluetooth capable. That is why this is also one of the considerations in choosing a smartphone for your car.

In using Bluetooth, it is needed for both phones to have the same connectivity whether it is the newer or older version. In this case, it is a clear tie as both phones have Bluetooth capability.

Advantage: Tie

Seeing the pros and cons for each phone, it is important to match your needs. Sell your old smartphone or used electronics should you think that an iPhone is more your style.

6 thoughts on “Should You Be Driving With A Smartphone Or An iPhone?”

  1. I have got Samsung galaxy s2 & I think this is the best smartphone at present. I like it more than iPhone. It has all the features mentioned in this article.

  2. Hi Califa, I like your comparison of Android vs. iPhone in the car. I just wanted to clarify that Google Maps app is no longer available on the iPhone after the update to the 6.0 operating system. When the app was available, it was free.

  3. Thanks for a good comparison. My hands will raise for smartphone as they are serving technology economically. In countries like India, people believe that smartphones like sony xperia, samsung, nokia are complete package for them as they are more cheap than iPhone. But still, one will definitely think 100 times if he has to chose between an iPhone and a smartphone, as both are unique with technology and features.

  4. You have provided a very detailed and good comparison between iPhone and Android in terms of being a driver-friendly device. This will make it much easier to decide which one to choose.

  5. The I phone I have found as a great sat nav and easy to use in the car. Actually doing a better jod than my Tom Tom. So I have no gripes at all. My opinion anyway.Lee


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